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April Entrepreneur Book Club

Reading books by individuals who take charge of their dreams is a great way to begin your lifelong journey to success. Lets learn a little something from the experts, and start doing the things we love to do.

I still have a long way to go before I finish my current read: American Dreamer by Tommy Hilfiger, but I've been enjoying this book a lot. If you're a fashion entrepreneur and creative genius, I recommend learning about Mr. Hilfiger's journey in fashion; Mr. Hilfiger tells it the way it is. He shares everything from overcoming his fears, embracing his passion, to managing the work/life balance. I admire his faith and the trust he bestows in the people that work hard to grow his brand, and I respect his sincerity. Kindness and vulnerability in fashion can be a rare thing, especially from someone with a name and image so prevalent in society.

If any of you caught up on some of the reads that I mentioned from last month's book club, let me know your thoughts! I've been researching and taking careful notes since, and came up with a list of awesome inspiring picks for this month. I think you guys will really love these. I also linked the titles to where you can purchase them (you're welcome). I can't wait to dig into one, or more, of these inspiring stories as soon as I finish American Dreamer.

April Entrepreneur Book Club Picks:

Brave Enough by Cheryl Strayed

The First Love Story by Bruce Feiler

The Big Life: Embrace the Mess, Your Work Side Hustle.... by Ann Shoket

Boss Bitch: A Simple 12-Step Plan to Take Charge of Your Career by Nicole Lapin


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