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From A Sketch To A Sample: Meet The 3 In 1 Camera Bag

Like most inventions, it all started with a sketch. Then I realized my sketch could actually become a great camera bag for FujiFilm. Better yet, my 3 in 1 design can fit an Instax Mini 70 camera, a twin pack of film, batteries, as well as some personal belongings. It's everything that qualified me to apply for this year's Independent Handbag Designer Awards! It may be mini sized but it sure is functional, and at the same time, I think it's way more versatile and easy on the eyes compared to ordinary (boring) camera bags.

In the initial process, I was inspired by brands I admire and look up to. I wanted to create a quality design that was comfortable as well as gender neutral. Something that would appeal to FuijiFilm's demographic. The 3 in 1 camera bag has so much color potential too. Can you imagine it coming in red, black, green, even gold and silver? I sure can! The sky is the limit. In this case, I chose blue with black accents and silver hardware because my own Instax Mini 70 camera exhibited those colorations and I felt the need to compliment the camera that sparked the idea in the first place.

The 3 in 1 camera bag is designed to be the perfect partner for the Instax camera. With the two together, every customer can experience convenience, style, and fun all in one (there I go rhyming again...).

It just so happens my sketch is now 1 of 5 illustrations nominated for 'Best FujiFilm Instax Mini 70 Camera Bag.' This was a competitive selection amongst applications from all over the world. And I am so honored!! Yes!! I recently created a short video about my experience as a handbag designer and the process of creating my 3 in 1 camera bag from a sketch to a sample. Check out the video below.

Now that I am a finalist, the 3 in 1 camera bag is now up on and you can vote for it! Your clicks will help boost the bag up for consideration for an additional category, the 'Audience Fan Favorite' category. To get there I need your help and your votes. Vote, share, and vote again. Your support is always so greatly appreciated. Even better, if you head over to my Instagram page and leave a comment under my VOTING GIVEAWAY post, you'll be entered for a chance to win a pair of hot pink Dr. Dre Beats headphones!

Once you get some votes in, take a look at the pictures of the ready made camera bag sample below! It is such an exciting moment to see the sketch come to life.



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