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How Isolation Can Open New Doors For Self-Betterment

Covid-19 has undoubtedly changed everyone's lives - impacting some more than others, unfortunately. As we know, that is what makes this virus so scary and unpredictable. But I think we're getting better at educating ourselves, and doing our part to keep not only ourselves healthy but our communities healthier and safe. After all, this new normal will be our everyday normal for a while.

When quarantine began earlier this year, I really had no tangible concept of how widespread this virus really was - until we received the stay-at-home order from our governor. I think that's when everything changed for us. That's when I realized we were dealing with something bigger and scarier than we could ever comprehend. Now, even though society has re-opened in some ways, we still have to go about our lives with extra caution and consideration for others.

Being new to San Diego and living on my own in my apartment with my pets can be pretty limiting - sometimes isolating, in terms of building a social life outside of my home. But, I will be honest with you. I have ventured out (responsibly) because I just couldn't stay confined to my complex after weeks of hardly seeing people or going anywhere other than to my mailbox or to the nearest grocery store. I'm sure you can admit the same yourself. After all, we can't live in fear; we have to get a grip and move on with our lives.

By venturing out, I mean: I have met new people, gone out on several dates, explored new hiking trails, spent time with family, tried new restaurants (I'm loving the outdoor seating arrangements, actually!), got my hair done, enjoyed a few beach days and pool days, and even booked a photoshoot! Not bad, right? But aside from venturing out, isolation at home has given me a new perspective on my everyday routine. I think I've actually become happier, more grateful for my blessings, and more productive. So even though our lives have simplified in many ways, I think there are still exciting opportunities all around us - more than we may realize. And this may be obvious, but one place to start looking for new opportunities is right at home.

After receiving the stay-at-home order, I spent my time home finishing unpacking and settling into my new place. For someone who takes feng shui seriously, this extra time to get everything sorted out was almost a blessing in disguise. And as a result, my motivation to stay organized has sort of peaked. It's advantageous that I currently live in a fairly small space. But, don't be fooled, the work behind maintaining an organized environment is always the same, regardless of the living space size.

One of the rooms I focused on recently, in terms of organizing, was my bathroom. You might think, "the bathroom of all places?" But, yes, the bathroom. As a female, I possess many self-care, grooming, and beauty products. Shocker - haha. One of the challenges I've faced was figuring out the best way to organize my products when I didn't have that much shelving and drawer space. I didn't want everything laying around because to me that just looks like clutter. I wanted to find ways to store everything in its place, but at the same time, make it easily accessible. I was in a bit of a funk in terms of how I should go about that, until I stumbled upon two amazing products that were the solution: make-up organizer bags from Ellis James Designs and stackable shelves from Amazon (they're so cute and in rose gold)!

My favorite: this large cosmetic organizer from Ellis James Designs. It lets me see all my makeup and beauty products at once, while at the same time having a place for all the products to "live" - so to speak. I don't know about you, but I despise messy drawers with my makeup thoughtlessly tossed inside. This often creates bigger messes to be honest. Conversely, inside this bag, my makeup is stored securely and beautifully, preventing wasteful spills and keeping everything clean. I love the quilted detail on the outside of this bag, and all the little compartments inside that are perfect for storing everything. Plus, the large cosmetic organizer comes in the best neutral shades: black, white, and grey (I have black, pictured here) #ellisjamesfamily Their products are sold exclusively on Amazon in the UK, USA, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain - as well as online on their website at Ellis James Designs. The brand has an offers page that has the latest discounts and offers updated regularly. Right now, the offer is 50% off for selected products in their range!

I don't know what it is about quarantine, but I've heard so many stories about people discovering new hobbies, finally getting those little renovation projects done around the house, or tapping into a cool new passion project. I mean, if Taylor Swift can write and produce an entire album in quarantine, just visualize what you can do to fulfill and/or improve your life! *By the way, Folklore is totally magical. I'm actually listening to it right now as I am drafting this blog post. It's cathartic and absolutely "fantastical" (a fantasy X fantastic). Thank you Taylor, as always, for delivering music we all never knew we needed!

In summary, as uncertain and displeasing as isolation at home may be, isolation is still capable of opening many doors for us - both figuratively and literally. Take advantage of the down time now to enjoy your "simplified" life. Open the doors to your living room and see what updates you can make. Or open the doors out to your patio or balcony, and get hands-on putting together a DIY garden or designing a cute lounge area to enjoy happy hour in. Open the doors to your kitchen, and stock it up with exciting meals and healthy food. There is a lot of room here for self-betterment and self-fulfillment in insolation. I challenge you to seek your next opportunity and start romanticizing your life.


Top: From Rite-Aid (My best find, LOL)

Bottom: Talbots

Bag: Grip Handbags

Headband: Asos

Shoes: Billini Shoes


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