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Inside The Mind Of Charlotte Mooney And Her Commitment To Preventive Medicine

Change is never easy. Committing to something new is serious. And taking care of ourselves can be exhausting. But, you know what? When you make a promise to yourself, and really believe in YOU, then what used to seem difficult and tiresome turns into an extension of an entirely better you. Suddenly, you are untouchable. You are powerful. You are confident. You are strong. You are healthy. I caught up with my favorite fitness coach, Charlotte Mooney, and asked about her fitness journey and what preventative medicine is all about.

It's Danielle Marie (IDM): As a fitness instructor and lifestyle coach, what do you love most about your job?

Charlotte Mooney (CM): I love helping people conquer goals and be their best self. Fitness and health is not an easy thing. People are constantly struggling with their body and I love being able to help people feel strong, motivated and capable to reach their fitness goals. I believe that in this industry I have a responsibility to help people make the best decisions to avoid large, unnecessary hospital bills in the future. Living and active lifestyle and eating a healthy diet is preventative medicine and I LOVE helping people focus on this essential part of life.

IDM: How do you overcome excuses and stay motivated to keep up a healthy daily routine?

CM: We all have unmotivated days, busy lives and a lot to do. But sweating is such a happy place for me that is is not a task, it is a privilege. I remember that there are many people that would give anything to have a body that can run, bike, lift and move in all the ways I ask my body to move. I am thankful everyday for the body and health I was given and I believe it is my duty to keep my body as healthy as possible. Whether I am on a long run in the mountains or coaching a class through a fitness class, the endorphins and happiness that runs through my body is contagious. On days I am feeling unmotivated I remember how amazing I feel when I am done and how lucky I am to be able to do everything I am, and I just get out the door.

IDM: What are three things you can't leave the house without?

CM: My running shoes, Water bottle, My new Fitbit!

IDM: Favorite workout?

CM: I love going on bike, run, bikes with my fiancé. We will bike down to the beach. Go on a beautiful run. Then we bike home. I love being outdoors and being with my favorite workout buddy.

IDM: Who inspires you to be a positive example for others, and keep up with preventative medicine?

CM: I feel blessed to have many inspirational people I my life, however my mom is incredibly inspiring to me. She is one of the most kind hearted, loving, honest and hardworking people. She was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis when she was only 26. She has dealt with this extremely painful, life altering disease with such grace. She still teaches spin 3-5x a week and climb 14,000 foot mountains (even if every step hurts). She is a constant reminder that we never know the faith that our body has in store for us, but we can still be the healthiest version of ourselves no matter what life deals us.


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