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It's Ok To Feel Unmotivated. Here Are 5 Simple Ways To Help You Regain Focus.

It's not easy juggling it all. Me, for example. I juggle my handbag business full-time, with blogging and working part-time as a sales associate. But that's nothing. There are people out there that juggle way more pressing jobs than I do. And for that reason, I give them a major pat on the back for doing what they do. Regardless of what or how much you juggle though, we all get lost from time to time and become unmotivated. We forget the inspiration behind our passion project. We get side-tracked. For me personally, on top of all that I juggle, I have quite a few other creative endeavors I so desperately want to pursue. It's all so exciting. But sometimes, all the excitement leads to confusion. Do you agree?

There's not enough time to get everything done, right? How does everyone else do it? What's the next step? It's hard to stay focused when your brain constantly thinks of the future. It's like FOMO (fear of missing out) kicks in and your brain goes on hustle mode trying to catch up with everything that needs to get done. Which sounds great, but we all know that doing everything at once is not possible. Trying to do so often leads to lots of unfinished business - and "crappy" work, excuse my French. No matter the excitement, pursue one project at a time and do it well. Take all the time you need and stay patient and focused.

And when you're not feeling too excited, but rather lost. It's okay. It's perfectly okay to feel unmotivated. In fact, feeling lost or unmotivated is a blessing. It's a sign that you need to reevaluate some things. Refresh your goals. It's a feeling that is there for you to help you make your way through the darkness; gain some clarity. I think Oprah would agree. Here are five simple ways that can help you regain focus on your goals.

1). Make a list of short term and long term goals. Once it's all written down, you goals are separated and it's already there for you to remind you of what needs to get done next.

2). Share your goals with your friends and close family members. They'll encourage you when you need it most.

3). Take a day off and do absolutely nothing. Sometimes just a simple change in routine is all you need.

4). Look up someone you aspire to be like, and chances are you'll discover they too went through obstacles before achieving success. Hang in there.

5). Pinterest. There is something about Pinterest that always sparks inspiration for me when I'm feeling creatively lost. I mean, all those inspo quotes are the best. Sure if you're on there just to browse your favorite eye candy, or the latest in home decor, you're going to get side tracked. But hopefully, that mini vacation you give your brain will be exactly what it needs to regain focus afterwards.


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