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10 Love/Hate Relationships That Are Totally Real

This post may or may not intrigue you. But, today I realized there are many love/hate relationships going on.

I've come to realize some of mine.

1). Packing I love packing and getting things together, but I hate unpacking. This applies to packing/unpacking clothes, packing/unpacking groceries, and packing/unpacking the car etc.

2). The Gym I love working out at the gym, but it's getting to the gym that absolutely kills me.

3). Showers I love my showers but the moments before actually going in the shower, and the moments as I'm about to exit the shower are complete torture for me.

4). Trying On Clothes I'm all about shopping and buying new clothes... But, I despise trying them on. Dressing rooms? (cringe).

5). Tomatoes I can devour a creamy tomato soup or a nice gourmet tomato sauce. On the other hand, actual tomatoes? The texture is totally off.

6). The Male Species I mean, can't live with them, can't live without them. Am I right?

7). Cooking I am a major foodie and I know some killer recipes. However, after a long day of work and you realize you need to whip up some dinner. That can be super hard if you're not motivated. But, once it's made fresh, it's heaven.

8). Nails You know the struggle is real when you have a job interview scheduled the next day and you're preparing everything from your elevator pitch, to what you're going to wear, but your nails are not done... I enjoy painting my nails when I want to, but when I have to do it then it's like construction work.

9). Laundry For instance, washing/changing the sheets to the bed. I hate it because it feels like you're about to take on some dreaded school project. But I love it because when it's done it's like you scored an A. And when it's time to go to bed, I'm Kristin basically.

10). Periods Sorry. But it's true. Hate it for obvious reasons but I praise it when I need it most. Girls, you know what I mean by "the scare."


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