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My Go-To Recipe That I Feel Good About Making Every Time

We all have that one recipe we use often because it's easy and yummy, of course. If you've been following my journey over the years, you'd know two things: 1). I'm particular with my food (aka I'm big on texture and still kinda sorta picky with my veggies - sorry) and 2). I love pesto, any kind of pesto. It's something I feel good about making because I basically call it a veggie serving. Not to mention, it's a relatively healthy blend to make and quite versatile; you can incorporate pesto in a lot of different dishes, like pasta, pizza even as a salad dressing. 

I like making pesto from scratch because I have more control over the quality of the ingredients that I put into it. Store bought pesto often contain more salt and oils than typically necessary. Plus when I get to add all my beloved flavors that I like, it makes it taste that much better. Here is everything you need to make one of my favorite recipes.

What You Need*:

- Food Processor

- Basil + Spinach leaves and/or Baby Kale

- Parmasean Cheese

- Garlic Cloves 

- Lemon Juice 

- Toasted Walnuts or Pine Nuts

- Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

- Salt + Pepper to taste 


1). Rinse your greens, peel the garlic cloves and grate as much parmesan cheese as you wish. Set aside.

2). Toast walnuts (or pine nuts) in a warm pan under low-medium heat. Shake continuously until lightly toasted. Removed from flame.

3). Add all ingredients into food processor and mix until all ingredients are blended evenly. Add more olive oil + parmesan cheese as needed.

4). Add salt and pepper to taste.

5). Serve!

* amount of each ingredient is to your liking. 



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