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Next Time You're About To Go Bonkers, Give These 6 Anti-Stress Solutions A Try

I realize we all could benefit from channeling our "str-anger" (aka. stress + anger) in healthier ways. So I came up with a few solutions that may help alleviate your symptoms, without the risk of embarrassing yourself. Well, there are no guarantees...

Admit it. Every now and then we feel like throwing in a punch or hitting something purely out rage or resentment. It's normal. We're human. I get it.

These anti "str-anger" solutions are perfect because they acknowledge your negative emotions without doing any unthinkable damage to you, your possessions, or worse - others. The best part? These activities don't actually keep you from doing anything physical (because I know that being physical when you're about to go bonkers is crucial and the most satisfying part).

So, next time you find yourself getting super worked up, give one of these solutions a try. They're pretty genius, right?

1). Invest in a "Dammit Doll." Pictured above. This doll allows you to hit, slap, throw, poke, scream at it... it's really your call. You won't be sorry. They have a limited edition one of President Trump. You're welcome. P.S. Mine was one of the best investments I've ever made during my trip to New Orleans. Because it's filled with vibes from The French Quarter.

2). If a doll doesn't cut it, there's always the Desktop Punching Bag. It's perfect to have when you're around idiots at work. Better yet, when your day is finished, go to the nearest gym and burn the stress with a healthy cardio intense workout.

3). If you are a scribbler and/or a worrier, try a doodle book like this one for stress relief.

4). If your mind is spinning and you're feeling overwhelmed, essential oils are known for calming people down. Lavender is great for relaxing and peppermint helps alleviate headaches. Combine this with some breathing exercises. (Deep breath in 1, 2, 3, 4... then deep breath out 1, 2, 3, 4...).

5). When all else fails, try the Anger Room. Look it up. It's real.

6). After a long demanding day, catch some comedy. Laughing is medicine. I recommend some episodes of Grace & Frankie on Netflix. That show is the bomb. I finished all three seasons already and I'm totally stress free... erm, at the moment.



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