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September Entrepreneur Book Club: There's Something For Everyone

Is it me, or did the month of September just fly by? I almost forgot about my monthly entrepreneur book club. Whoops. Good thing I didn't. Which got me thinking...

This is life and it can be pretty messy, pretty scary, and pretty good all at the same time. So those descriptions have become my themes for this month's book club picks. Just to warn you, my selections are pretty out there; in other words, an interesting mix.

SCARY BOOK: I picked a horror story for you being that Halloween is a month away (costume ideas anyone??). Some of you may have seen the movie, It, that recently came out (I sure didn't but I would ready the book).

MESSY BOOK: I also picked out a memoir about juggling motherhood, marriage, and running a business. Her insight will come in handy one day I'm sure.

GOOD BOOK: A health focused read. This inspired me to restock on all those important vitamins. I literally made a run this morning for my veggie tablets.

GOOD BOOK: And a self-help book. It can never hurt to hear some life lessons.

They're all incredibly different but great in their own way. So snuggle in your favorite nook or chair, light a fall scented candle, and get started on a good read. Hopefully one of these.

It's Messy by Amanda de Cadenet

Life Lessons from a Total Failure by M.J. Dougherty

How Not to Die by Michael Gregor

It by Stephen King


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