Singlehood: Why It's Both Freeing And Utterly Lonely

Okay, where are my single ladies at? I want to talk about the pros and cons of "single" as a relationship status. 

I don't know about you, but the closer I'm getting to turning 30, the more I find myself getting stuck in a rut comparing my stage in life with those of my peers who seem to have more going for themselves (i.e. a perfect man, a perfect job, a perfect house, adorable kids.... thanks to Instagram's never-ending feed of engagement, wedding and pregnancy photos). I know nothing is ever perfect, but is it wrong of me to be excited for the time I can rub all that lovey-dovey mush and life goals in your faces!? 

Observing these wonderful milestones take place in my friends' lives on social media is enjoyable, but it also reminds me that I have some catching up to do because I'm not quite there yet. Singlehood can be frustrating and exhausting if you're jumping from one dating app to the next. Maybe some of you have hired a matchmaker to help find someone real? Confession: I may or may not be a client of some "so called" professional matchmaking service, but if you are, how is it working for you? In all the times I've dated so far, I feel like a broken record. "Hi I'm Danielle. I'm looking for someone emotionally available who finds me equally attractive and wouldn't mind taking me out on an actual date, thank you very much."

Don't get me wrong, as draining as being single can be it's also sooo freeing. Who here gets away with farting on the couch (excuse me) and being bra-less with a glass of wine in hand crying while watching some romance chick-flick without judgement? ME. It's literally one of the things I look forward to doing after work.

BUT. To be honest. All that freeing (and embarrassing) behavior would be extra enjoyable with a single male companion who has no judgement. No, I do not mean my dog. Where you at? I admit, I want validation. I'm at a point in my life where I can give myself all the self-love in the world, but I still need to feel wanted by someone else I consider to be special.

At the end of the day, I'm sure we can all agree there are both pros and cons to being single in the twenty-first century. I once read a quote somewhere that stated, "Nothing will ruin your twenties more than the belief that you should have your life together by now." Is this something Carrie Bradshaw would repost on her Instagram stories? Yes, without a doubt. 

While writing about my dating progress, I came across an article from The Every Girl titled, "Women Share Why They Feel Pressure To Get Married." After reading some real women's perspectives, I realize I'm not alone. I just have to embrace my singlehood and know that "single" is not forever.

To any single readers reading this, how do you feel about "single" as a relationship status? Do you think it's more of a choice or a cultural/ generational phenomena? Share your thoughts! 


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