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10 Things That Inspire Me That Maybe Inspire You, Too.

As an entrepreneur, my world revolves around constant inspiration. I rely on inspiration to help me figure out "the next big thing" in my creative endeavors. I remember my "ah-ha" moment to call my business, Grip Handbags. I was fiddling around with fashion related words and images on my computer, trying to dig up inspiration for a name that would best represent my initial concept, which was a cut-out clutch (a design that is currently patent pending). I knew I didn't want to necessarily use my own name as the focal point of my brand, although I incorporate it; I wanted my business to reflect a name that has to do with the overall theme and products I offer.

So, I was sitting in my living room in my Malibu apartment three summers ago, and I typed the word "clutch" under Google Search thinking I would discover some really cool Pinterest boards. But the first thing that popped up was the definition of "clutch," along with a list of synonyms for the word. The first synonym listed? Grip. Reading that, I suddenly felt elated. "Grip Handbags."I just knew that was it! That's the name of my business. It's easy to say and it sounds strong and edgy. The name for my business was in front of me all along, and I simply got inspiration from the word itself. Clutch that!

Not only do simple things like words inspire me. There are, what feels like, endless things both big and small that inspire me on a daily basis. Here I am sharing ten things that inspire me that might inspire you, too.

1. Photographs Because photographs always speak louder than words, and they're great for creating mood boards, visualizing what you can't put to words, and reflecting upon memories of the past.

2. Music Because music is a universal language that bring words and melodies together. I especially love watching music videos that go with the songs I'm listening too. To me, videography brings everything into full circle; it's exciting and motivating. Music is exactly the kind of medicine I rely on to lift my spirits and help me get going for the day (or night).

3. Coffee I call it my "inspiration necessity." It does wonders to my brain. Therefore, I can say coffee inspires, right?

4. Tomorrow The fact that there is always another day on the way, a chance to try again and do better. Tomorrow inspires me because it is the future and I can make it whatever I want it to be. "The sun will come out, tomorrow!"

5. Love Love inspires me to be the best version of myself. Someday I'll meet a person who I will want to live for, and who is equally deserving of me. Reciprocated love is so important to me.

6. Strong women They're my role models. Women who take control of their careers, their happiness, their health and wellness, and their lives. They have everything going for themselves. They are fulfilled. It may not all be perfect, but strong women inspire me because nevertheless, they keep going; they persevere.

7. New places No matter how much (or little) you travel, there's always some place new to discover. New places inspire me because they represent diversity, culture, and opportunity. Newness opens your eyes to a whole new existence, other than the familiar.

8. Marilyn Monroe Because she is the reason my first handbag design looks the way it does. During the design process, I borrowed inspiration from the Golden Age of Hollywood, and all the red carpet glamour. I think Marilyn represents a strong woman who embraces a world of fantasy. She stood out, lived life, and never cared about what other people thought of her.

9. My grandfather He was an entrepreneur. He owned and operated a clothing store in a small town in Sweden. He inspires me even though he's no longer around. He inspires me because he embraced the meaning behind honest hard work, he loved his routine, he dressed to the nines, and he was always kind. Today, he is still in my heart and I'm fortunate to know other successful entrepreneurs who continue to keep the inspiration alive for me.

10. Art Art expresses a lot. When you walk into a gallery or an art museum, and you take a look at all the work that surrounds you. Everyone forms a different understanding of what stands before them. Art inspires me because there is no definition; it can be anything and that's the beauty of it. Call it art or not, what matters is deeper than that. It's the creative journey that the artist took; now, that's inspiration.



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