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As I write this, there are over 7.5 billion people on our planet Earth right now (yeah, I Googled that). That means all of us together come with over 7.5 billion versions of needs, tastes, and wild imaginations. Pretty profound if you think about it.

No doubt, we all bring something unique to the table. We are far too complex to settle for the "cookie-cutter" lifestyle. That's why customization is the best and simplest way to meet our individual needs, satisfy our tastes, and fulfill our wildest imaginations!

You know, I've come to realize that I prefer shopping and working with brands that address solutions for me personally, versus brands that claim to have "the best XYZ" that I (should) need. In the former, I feel acknowledged. In the latter situation, I feel anxious and compared - if I'm going to be brutally honest here.

This is why I decided to dedicate a post for you guys that sheds light on one of my favorite online shops for paper products and customization. Customized services have been around for a while, but I think now more than ever, we're starting to appreciate them again. Because at the end of the day, we're similar in many ways, but it's ok to want something different too.


Over the summer when I was little, my family and I would visit my grandparents who at the time had a house located in the south-west coast of Sweden. It's a quaint summer fishing town and I remember begging my mom nearly everyday to walk me to my favorite paper store down the street. I have vivid memories of what that store looked like; I can even recall what it smelled like - book lovers am I right?! I was obsessed with all their cute pencils, highlighters, rainbow colored markers, glitter gel pens, journals, and sketch pads. It was heaven on Earth for me. They also sold stationary there. And I remember wishing I could pick the pink envelope from one bundle and pair it with the beach card from another bundle. So basically from an early age I wanted to personalize my greeting cards; I wanted the cards I would write and send to all my friends back at home to be meaningful.

Now fast forward almost twenty years later, and here I am still a proud paper store fanatic! I am especially a big fan of Basic Invite. They have a card for almost every major life moment including weddings, showers, birth announcements, first birthdays, graduations and more. And of course, you can customize them - which is so exciting! If a special someone or significant other is turning 30 this year (like me - ah!) and you're hosting a celebration, there are 30th birthday invitations for him. I'm telling you there are so many party invitations and customizable invitations to chose from!

Basic Invite is one of the few online stores that allow customers almost unlimited color options with instant previews online. Once you select a design, you can change the color of each element on the card to your liking. There are over 180 colors to choose from, so the invite is sure to be exactly how you want it.

Another fabulous customization benefit this company offers is custom samples. Basic Invite is one of the few websites that allow you to order printed samples of your actual card before you commit to placing the final order. I actually snagged a few samples myself and customized them to fit my brand and various important moments that are coming up. What I love is that you can see the paper quality in person and how it will print, making sure the card is perfect and meets your standards. I am obsessed with that. For an occasion that is special, it's great if you're able to personalize the words and the design. I appreciate a company like Basic Invite that lets you get it just right before committing to multiple copies.

Last but certainly not the least, you can make your envelope match the cards. All of the envelopes are peel and seal so they can be closed quickly and securely. Foil cards are available in gold, silver, and rose gold. You can choose flat or raised foil on all of Basic Invite’s foil designs.

So guys we are nearing the last quarter of 2020 - what a crazy year it has been! Despite everything going on, there are many memorable events and holidays coming up. Use my code 15FF51 for 15% off on Basic Invite.


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