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A Nashville Travel Guide For First-Timers

I recently went on a trip with a co-worker to Nashville to attend the CMA Fest. I don't know how I found myself there, but somehow (rewind two months before) I said yes to going to a four-day country music festival (a genre I wasn't even familiar with, until now - thanks to the CMA Fest). But that's the beauty of being an open-minded individual. Now I'm die-hard obsessed with artists such as FGL and Russell Dickerson!

Readers, I have to admit something to you. For a long time I didn't think much of Nashville. After all, I am a Jersey girl born and raised. It never occurred to me that I'd discover a piece of my heart in Nashville. It's just random, you know? If you haven't visited the city yet but you're still contemplating, then you're reading the right blog post. Since I'm having slight Nashville withdrawals right now, I'm attempting to re-live my time there by writing this post. You're welcome.

To all my first-timers, I highly encourage you to plan your visit soon. Now is the time; the city is growing quickly and changing so drastically. From what both friends and strangers have told me, Nashville is not the same as it was four years ago; it's not the same as it was even ten months ago! It's blooming. Fast. Cheesy to say, but there definitely is a special kind of magic lingering around. Nashville has a way of leaving an unforgettable spark that finds you inspired to dream bigger than ever before. Plus, the city is full of nice people. Seriously. If a city is capable of attracting beautiful humans and delivering such an impact, I'm sold.

The following are my top 5 favorite spots around Nashville any first-timer needs to experience.

1). Franklin - Franklin is a city just south of Nashville. We made a quick stop to browse some local antique shops and fashion boutiques. It's also a great area to find a cute place to eat, such as 55 South. If you're a history buff, this area is home to key sites of the American Civil War. And lastly, this cute wall in the middle of nowhere ended up being a fun photo opportunity for us "Instagrammers".

2). Arrington Vineyards - This quaint little vineyard is tucked in between the rolling hills of Arrington, just twenty-five minutes from Nashville. My friends who recently moved to Nashville brought us to Arrington Vineyards for some wine tasting on our last day in town. Who can say no to that? It was so beautiful to experience a completely different side of Tennessee. It's totally opposite from the buzz of Nashville, yet they're not that far from each other! Definitely try out the Red blends. I didn't have too much luck with the Whites, but that's just what my taste buds preferred. Also, be sure to sit on one of their swings they have. When you're slightly drunk on Red wine, it's an unforgettable experience!

3). Germantown - This town is booming with apartments and restaurants. We stayed in this area with friends and learned that it's full of restaurants and bars just walking distance from one another. It's super convenient; plus it's 10 minutes from Downtown Nashville. It's peaceful enough to live, yet you're still close enough to have access to plenty of fun. We went to a great burger place called Jack Brown's. It's a little hole in the wall but an amazing place and the prices are even more amazing.

4). Broadway, Downtown Nashville - Of course, you need to take a stroll down Broadway. It's the classic Nashville experience. Full of bars, karaoke and bands playing. It's just a bunch of exciting things all in one place. Being here for the CMA Fest definitely attracted large crowds of country music fans and tourists alike. But, it was still amazing and turned out to be an unforgettable experience.

5). Boothcamp Workout - No excuses right? Don't ask how we managed to squeeze in a workout in the middle of a four-day music festival. But Walker Hayes managed to make time, so we went to support his good cause, The Be A Craig Fund. Also, we wanted to breathe the same air as Shawn Booth and steal a photo with him. Duh. The workout kicked my butt, but I loved every minute of it.

In the short time that I was there, I managed to discover some really cool spots. Although, my list is not everything Nashville and the surrounding area has to offer, it's a start. You'll definitely want to go back to experience more. I know I do!


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