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4 Things You're Probably Doing Wrong For Your Health But Can Easily Fix!

I was thinking the other day how many of us often feel invincible when it comes to our health. Maybe a big part of it is age. I know when I was in my early twenties, I didn't care at all what I was putting into my body, or mind my irregular sleeping patterns, or paid any attention to my mental health. I was basically rolling with the punches throughout college and grad school, and then hustling in the adult world one job after the next.

Now the more I choose to slow down and commit to taking care of myself, the more I realize there are so many things we can do better. We not only can implement better everyday habits, but we can educate ourselves more about the needs of our bodies early on in order to help prevent greater problems down the road. As I was talking to some of my friends, I discovered there are a number of things we do wrong for our health but that we can easily fix! I thought I'd share them with you. 

1). Not drinking enough water! Do you even eat breakfast? Ok breakfast is a must for me, but sometimes drinking enough water is a struggle. I can't keep up sometimes and before I know it five hours passed and I only drank two cups (all the coffee from earlier doesn't really count).

Solution: Purchase a personalized water bottle that you can reuse. I got one from work and I use it everyday. Although it doesn't have the measurements on it (if you can get one with measurements, that's probably best), but mine has become a great reminder for me. By seeing all that water in the bottle, I realize I better start drinking! When I watch the hours go by and the water is still there... I immediately stop what I'm doing and take a few sips. So, go ahead, buy a reusable bottle and drink more water. Totally an easy fix! 

2). Are your shoes really made for walking? I am going to bet this - about seven times out of ten your shoes in your closet are terribly uncomfortable but look nice when wearing on. Am I right? Maybe the statistics are different (and unique person to person), but I'm sure we all can relate some way or another that wearing uncomfortable shoes is quite common in our everyday lives. But why? Why do we put our feet through such unforgivable torture? I know for me, when I was younger I put great emphasis on trends and aesthetics. I accepted the fact that my feet would probably start swelling and that I would wake up the next day with blisters. But as I have matured, I realize that comfort wins! And if I don't want to have a bunion I better start reconsidering the kinds of shoes I wear throughout the day. I'm one of those firm believers that you don't need to sacrifice style for comfort; you can have both!  

Solution: An amazing company called Aetrex reached out and invited me to their social media night. Not only did I have such a blast, but I learned so much about their beautiful shoes and the benefits of wearing them. They're the healthiest shoes you can own. I walked out of their store with three pairs of shoes! Plus I experienced their one-of-a-kind foot scanning technology and got fitted into their orthotics. They are the only company that recognizes the various types of foot arches people have (there are four different types!) and their specific shoe designs provide greater support for the arch. It's so important to take care of your feet and be mindful of the kinds of shoes you wear. Poorly constructed shoes will actually cause injuries down the road. Your health starts from the ground up!    

3). Blue light glasses! - It's 2019. We're all in front of our computers, TVs, and smart phones every day, whether it's for our job, for pleasure, or both! I learned that there are glasses you can wear to help block the harmful blue lights from our screens. You can imagine the strain that these blue lights can cause your eyes on a daily basis! 

Solution: There are many brands out there that provide solutions to this very problem. I came across Gunner and they provide relief for your eyes in such a genius way. Gunner is an example of a brand that offers a number of different lenses and styles to help protect your eyes while remaining stylish. I take all my senses very seriously and cherish each of them probably more than the average individual. Why? As someone with a hearing loss, I am so mindful of my everyday activities. I would never want to engage in an activity or habit that may do more harm to my senses than good. My hearing is already significantly impaired, and I can't imagine impairing  my ability to see, too! Trust me on this one.

4). Remove your nail polish the vegan way - This may be more of a personal preference, but once I realized there are healthier nail products out there, I said good-bye to the standard acetone polish remover. Although acetone is declared to have "low acute and chronic toxicity" by the The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), I honestly feel it over-dries and harms your nail beds. Plus, it smells horrendous! But, there is a vegan option (and it smells divine)! Cue the bells.  

Solution: Ella+Mila - This forward-thinking brand is eco-friendly and they don't test on animals. Their products also lack seven common harmful chemicals frequently found in nail polishes making their products better than any other polish brand currently in the market. I just feel that what you put on your body (and your skin is your largest organ by the way) should matter just as much as what you put inside your body!


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