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5 Notable Accessories I'll Be Wearing This Spring

Spring is finally here! I often look forward to embracing a new season. Especially because I enjoy making note of emerging trends, as well as incorporating some of l them with my “everyday” wardrobe. To me, it's sort of like keeping things spontaneous in your closet by adding small updates to your current looks. I know that by doing so, it helps me stay excited about the pieces I've had for years. Take a look at the 5 accessories I’ll be sporting all spring long!

1). Keeping It Together With Turban Headbands:

Frequently lately, I've been spotting a fabulous turban trend on a number of my favorite bloggers. There's no doubt in my mind that feminine /bold head pieces and hair accessories are trending big this season. Sometimes working with knit fabrics and silk scarves can be difficult and time consuming. That's why I'm thrilled about these headband versions of the turban trend. Such a great way to look chic while keeping the air away from your pretty face. They're available on ASOS, some for less than $10. Obviously, I stocked up!

2). Layering Pearls, Pearls & More Pearls:

I never thought myself much of a pearl person. If that's even a thing. I always thought they were beautiful and in some ways reminded me of elegant fashion icons such as Audrey Hepburn. However, I never believed I looked good in them. At least, that held true for me when I was in college and trends were different then. The same applies for gold jewelry. As a teenager, I preferred silver-tone jewelry. But now, in my late 20s, I tend to lean more towards gold-toned pieces as I feel they give off more warmth to my appearance. With pearl jewelry making a comeback, I was surprised to discover its versatility. Similar in the way diamonds elevate your style, pearls can be worn with anything and they immediately enhance your look. I love these from The Outlier, an Australian brand that I am obsessed with. 

Pearl Jewelry

3). Turning Heads With Grip Handbags:

I believe you can learn a lot about an individual simply by looking at the kind of bag he/ she carries around. I've heard people say that about shoes, but I think it's all about the bags people invest in. To me, it reveals an overwhelming amount of insight on personal tastes and fashion competency. What better way to turn heads this season and next than with a Grip Handbag? These bags are definitely a conversation starter and one of the many beautiful pieces I am proud to own. Shop all colors and styles I have available for you only at Grip Handbags.

4). Wearing Your Mother's Sunglasses & Making It Fashion:

I have to say, I realize I am lucky my mom has fashionable taste. Usually when we spend some time cleaning up, she comes across items from her past that she feels inclined to give to me. Maybe it's because she no longer has the need for them, but I think it's mostly because she knows I would probably enjoy them more than she has. After all, they were just sitting in her closet. One of the items she passed down to me are her Cartier sunglasses! I was so stoked! I got them cleaned and even put my prescription in them (totally worth the cost). These are probably one of my top three favorite sunglasses that I own. And it just so happens to be a style that I'm noticing on trend-setters this season. Next time you spend time with your mom or mother-figure, ask her what some of her favorite pieces were back in the day!

Cartier Sunglasses

5). Last But Not The Least, If It Clips... It Sticks 

What a blast from the past! I remember when I wore hair clips to middle school everyday and then suddenly it wasn't cool anymore. Now, they're back this season and more chic than ever before. These are all from The Outlier (obviously) because I can't get enough of their unique statement pieces. All you need is one or two clips in your hair while keeping everything else, like jewelry, on the lighter side. What better way to dress up this spring?

Hair Clips


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