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7 Things To Do As Maid of Honor For Your Bestie's Wedding

I never thought this day would come so soon, but it did! My bestie has an incredible love story that I will summarize for you here. She met her husband on last summer, dated for a few months and suddenly advanced into a serious relationship. By October, my bestie was engaged and by February of this year she tied the knot. She is now a MRS! I'm still processing all this to be honest, but I am seriously so happy for her.

I remember just a year ago, she was finishing up her studies at Brown University. She dated some guys but nobody felt right. Then she had somewhat of a meltdown... and I think all twenty-plus somethings have one or two when we're single and losing faith in humanity. Because honestly as much as we try not to let time pressure us, we feel pressured. And it's not because we feel obligated to find our special someone; we want to find our special someone. The need is ingrained in us. If you're like me and my bestie, then you get what I'm trying to say here. Lucky for my friend, she finally found her special someone when she least expected it. Now tell me, is that how it always happens?

When news of her engagement came about last year, I was thrilled. But the cherry on top of the cake for me was when she asked me to be her Maid of Honor. After meeting my bestie in college, we both (obviously) knew we'd be each others' Maid of Honor someday. For a long time I've been imagining what my role as MoH would be like. I actually have been saving wedding ideas on Pinterest, specifically for when that time would come (so glad I did). Also, being a certified wedding planner kind of turned this whole experience into an unforgettable ride.

In the process of helping my bestie plan her wedding, I discovered that there are 7 smart/ fun/ important things to do as Maid of Honor. So if your bestie is still single, take notes!

1). Friend all the bridesmaids on Facebook. It's a great idea to connect with the girls beforehand so when you're finally all together you're not wasting any time introducing one another.

2). Buy your plane ticket / arrange your travel to the wedding destination WAY in advance. Weddings cost money, even for the attendees. So the earlier you book your travels, chances are the more money you will save. It's also a great way to give you peace of mind.

3). When you know what dress the bride wants you to wear, buy yours as soon as possible. This will alleviate any stress regarding item availability, shipping time, fittings etc.

4). Get your shoes too. And talk to the bride and all the bridesmaids to find out what color schemes/ styles are being selected. It's great if everyone can be on the same page.

5). Amazon is the best service around. Specifically, Amazon Prime. A simple search on Amazon for bachelorette party ideas will do the trick. Browse Pinterest for theme ideas and then start shopping. Again, the earlier the better. Who can say no to free shipping?

6). Design a fun invitation to send to the bridesmaids for the bride's bachelorette party. Also make sure you secure the location of the bachelorette party. Here is my invitation that I designed for my bestie's bachelorette! It was tons of fun to do and at the end, I printed a copy and framed it for my bestie to keep as a memory. I gave it to her on the day of the Bachelorette party. She kind of knew something was up though, ha-ha. Ps. feel free to use this invitation as inspiration for yours!

7). Don't forget your speech. Yeah, the not so fun part... Unless you love public speaking, which I do not. I wrote my speech about two months before the wedding. I printed it on a postcard and called it a day. Having something written down gave me so much peace of mind.



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