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A Latte You Don't Need To Feel Bad About Having

(source: Live24k)

Lattes from our favorite coffee shops often have syrups added, making them unnecessarily high calorie drinks. Not to mention, unhealthy. Recently I stumbled upon an article on The Every Girl about how coach, trainer, and founder of Live24k, Minna Lee, works to heal her gut and tame her inflammation. That's something I try to do on a daily basis for my own health. After reading her story, I kind of self diagnosed myself with some kind of thyroid problem, but I'm definitely going to arrange for blood work and the necessary analysis from a doctor to confirm (or deny) my bodily concerns.

It's funny when you start noticing something, you start to see it everywhere you go and in everything you read. I have discovered that so many influencers, friends, and co-workers that I look up to experience the same problem and have been diagnosed with some kind of problem regarding the thyroid. 85% of women actually suffer from autoimmune disease. It's actually quite common. And believe it or not, the thyroid controls a lot of aspects of the body. I've stumble upon countless articles pinpointing thyroid issues I feel that I've been fighting and struggling with for years. Of the many symptoms, I've found that irritability, fatigue, puffiness, dry skin, and hair loss to be constant issues for me personally. Could it be my thyroid? Who knows. I'll definitely keep you all posted.

For now, I have an amazing latte recipe I wanted to share with you created by the genius Minna Lee. I'm so happy I came across her on social media. She is definitely somebody I will continue to follow along the wellness journey. I think it's extremely admirable how she turned an inner struggle into a business that benefits many people. Everyone knows now-a-days that turmeric and collagen are super good for you. Well, Minna created her very own nutritionally optimized Golden milk blend that contains turmeric, collagen, himalayan pink salt, vanilla, and black pepper. It is crucial to combine black pepper and fats with turmeric in order for turmeric to do the work it can do fighting inflammation.

I'm happy to share her fantastic recipe for Minna's Golden Fuel Turmeric Collagen Mylk Latte. I also like to sprinkle some cinnamon on top when I'm done. I recommend that you make sure your cinnamon is ceylon not saigon. Ceylon may be a little more expensive but it is the true cinnamon coming from a cinnamon tree. Saigon has often been linked to an ingredient called coumarin which can be toxic and can cause liver damage.

Before you begin preparing this latte, order your Golden Fuel here!

Everyone prefers a different strength of their golden mylk. Turmeric can be a very strong taste to those new to it, so feel free to go easy. There's no use in forcing yourself to make super strong drinks because you think it's better for you, because then you'll end up not continuing it in your daily routine-- thus, not reaping in the benefits! Consistency ALWAYS wins.

We say 1.5-2 tsp of Golden Fuel™ per 8-12oz of milk of your choice, is a good rule of thumb.

Preparation Instructions

  1. Scoop desired amount of Golden Fuel™ into a mug.

  2. Stir a splash (about 1 tbsp) of water on Golden Fuel™, and stir well to dissolve into a liquid-y paste.

  3. Heat milk in a milk frother or small saucepan, then pour into mug with Golden Fuel™ to enjoy.

  4. Tip: Shake over ice for an iced golden latte if you're feeling chill.



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