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A Look Inside My Swag Bag: The 2017 MTV Awards Gifting Lounge

Most of you know that the 2017 MTV Awards will be taking place tonight. What most of you may not know is that several days prior to the awards (in this case the day before), industry talent and select members of the press are invited to a 'gifting lounge' (also known as 'gifting suites') where established designers and other interesting vendors come together to showcase their products. It's like walking inside a trade show catered just for influencers. I mean, there were freebies everywhere! It was like Christmas and my birthday all in one room.

I was invited to attend, and without question I hopped on the next plane to LAX and went straight to the lounge. The gifting event was hosted in a secret conference room at a hotel. As I walked around, I got to know some amazing vendors who talked passionately about their products and their dreams. As an entrepreneur myself, I was touched. After getting to know some of the amazing creative geniuses in the room, I couldn't wait to share this unique experience with you. Here I'm showing you all the goodies inside my swag bag + some great vendors you should know about from the 2017 MTV Awards gifting suite. Literally, I am obsessed with everything and I highly recommend you look these products up because you know all the celebrities will be getting their hands on them, too.

The Venue: A private and trendy location that gives a luscious sense of cool vibes and prestige.

The Vendors:

Shoe Land - Literal shoe heaven, and I was gifted some amazing denim lace-up heels! Totally a style I can see the Kardashians obsessing about (if they're not already). Stay tuned for an outfit post with my latest on-trend additions!

i Love Yumio - I mean, can you just see Katy Perry in one of these adorable onesies?? I was gifted a quirky pink unicorn one piece. I can't tell you how excited I am to snuggle into mine when I get home. This company was founded by the sweetest couple (aka the giraffe and panda photographed below). Check them out.

Kicktail - The perfect kick to any cocktail. I tried the cranberry classic mix and it was a completely new experience for me. I've always been that girl to order a cranberry vodka back in my college days. The cranberry Kicktail alone was a whole different level of goodness. A wonderful blend of flavor, energy, and vitamins. The guy that started this is a real genius, too.

Shame On You! - A story by Larry Gonzales (that's him in the blue shirt waving). What a sweet guy. This heart-felt book is also in the works to become a TV series picked up by a major network, so hurry and read the book and then (hopefully) catch it on television. I might just have to add it to my May book club picks! Stay tuned for that.

SCV Landscaping - Their gorgeous flowers were the center of attention at this gifting event. Positioned at the back of the room, they even had the biggest table out of all the vendors. Pretty impressive. Jim Burkett is the designer and contractor for SCV Landscaping and is your go-to guy for all things gardens and creating your perfect 'Pinterest-worthy' outdoor space.

(Photo cred: SCV Landscaping).

The Swag In My Bag:

(Pictured top to bottom, left to right: Wings Cosmetics, Shame on You! book, Cheers sunglasses, Shotz Natural Energy). I can't wait to enjoy all these gifts and work with all these incredible brands.

A part of the proceeds from Wings Cosmetics goes to help bring awareness to sex trafficking that goes on right in our back yard. Cheers sunglasses are perfect accessories to wear during all your upcoming summer parties. The back is actually a can opener! Shotz natural energy is a delicious blend of healthy goodness to give you a much needed boost. These brands along with so many others I didn't get to post here are all truly amazing. Have fun watching the awards tonight!



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