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A Breakfast For Champions

French toast! But, not your average french toast. I made this using a secret recipe passed on to me from a creative genius in my inner circle (sorry, I don't reveal names). But, does it really matter? What matters this Sunday morning is the mouth watering, buttery, fluffy french toast recipe I am about to share with you - with the help of corn flakes! The result is positively sinful and tastes absolutely divine. You're welcome.


- French Brioche Bread

- Corn Flakes Cereal (I used the Organic Trader Joe's brand)

- Eggs

- Butter

- Milk

- Cinnamon

- Pure Vanilla Extract

- Powdered Sugar

- Syrup

- Sides (fruit, or a protein such as bacon or sausage).

* What is great about this recipe is there really are no rules. You can put your own spin on it, and chances are it will still come out great.


1. Place your pan on the stove and keep it on a low heat while you're prepping.

2. Take your 2 eggs and mix them in a medium sized bowl (big and wide enough to dip the bread in). Sprinkle a dash of cinnamon and add about a teaspoon of pure vanilla extract. Mix well. Then add a little milk (about a tablespoon). The milk helps dilute the egg mixture, making it easier for the bread to soak in and absorb all the ingredients.

3. Then take the box of corn flakes cereal and pour about two cups into a medium/large plastic zip lock bag (more or less cereal depending on how much french toast you're making). Close the bag, lie it down flat on a dry surface, and use the palm of your hands to crush the flakes into smaller pieces. Be careful not to overdo it! It should not end up like that dreaded powder mix at the bottom of all cereal boxes. You want the flakes to resemble panko breadcrumbs. Don't worry, it doesn't take much effort. When you're done, pour the bag of crumbs onto a plate.

4. Take your 2 pieces of brioche bread and first dip them in the egg mixture, then carefully transfer the bread to the neighboring plate containing the crushed corn flakes. Coat the brioche bread with flakes evenly on both sides.

5. Now is the time to butter up your pan. I consider myself to be somewhat of a health nut, but in this case, the more butter the better. It keeps the corn flakes in place and gives a nice crispiness (to die for). So the amount of butter is really up to you. I used about 2 tablespoons... maybe a tad more...

6. Bring up the heat and place your french toast on the pan. Do not attempt to flatten!! You want nice fluffy french toast, NOT cardboard. Be patient. Let the butter and flame do the work. After a minute or so, you can flip the french toast to cook on the other side.

7. After you're done, place your french toast on a plate. Cut them diagonally (or vertically, or don't cut them at all. Whatever makes you happy).

8. Pour your warm maple syrup on the dish as your wish, sprinkle some powdered sugar, add your sides, and voila!

Bon appetit!



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