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Discover the Uplifting Power of Jewelry From Universe Letters

I love how easy it is to make meaningful connections with people online, specially Instagram. Nowadays in a world so closed off by phones and computer screens, I feel there is nothing more important than connecting; even if that means connecting digitally. There are so many incredible accounts out there. One of the many accounts I've had the pleasure of coming across is one that goes by the name of Universe Letters (The handle is @universeletters). This particular account is run by Angie, a wonderful and inspiring individual with a knack for writing, designing, and spreading positivity.

I connected with Angie a few months ago, and almost instantaneously, we built a support system by actively engaging with each others' accounts. We share a lot in common, being small business owners, designers, and believers in the power of good vibes. As silly as it may sound, it meant so much to have Angie's consistent "likes" because to me, that meant support. Kind of like a virtual pat on the back saying "you got this girlfriend!" I also really believe in the power of community. It builds confidence. On top of that, I'm a firm believer in the saying, "where energy goes, energy flows." No wonder I came across Universe Letters. My energy was searching for positive, supportive, and fabulous go-getters like Angie!

Knowing Angie, I knew I made a valuable connection and discovering what she does was also so very exciting. I always thought her jewelry pieces were so special, because they were not only beautiful but symbolic. Each jewelry piece represents a certain letter to the universe. It's all about wearing the kind of energy you seek to attract. From Angie, I received "Destiny" and "Happiness." I was beyond thrilled. If you appreciate positive people, check out Universe Letters and the uplifting power that comes from her inspiring jewelry. Thank you Angie for all the love!

(By the way, Angie's packaging for UL is amazing. I had so much fun opening my package from her and admiring all the thought she put into creating a heart warming experience).



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