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5 Easy Ways To Add More Color To Your Wardrobe

Adding more color to your ensemble doesn't have to be work. I'm sharing 5 easy ways to add more color to your wardrobe without sacrificing personal style or everyday ease. If you're considering more color this season like most designers and trendsetters are, start with your accessories. Even my own line, Grip Handbags, is embracing the colorful side. To be honest, I've never had more fun with a collection than I have with my current one. That's why I find it necessary to share more about the power and benefits of color.

Handbags, jewelry, shoes. Start with your accessories. These are great options to play around with if you're shy with color. I personally love layering a white tee and jeans with a colorful jacket, a fun pair of shoes, or a statement handbag. After all, is there a better way to get noticed now-a-days?

Here are some easy ways you can start adding color to your wardrobe today:

1). Pick a bright colored jacket (solid or multicolor) over simple staples to jazz up your look.

(source: Josefine H. J @josefinehj)


(source: Vogue UK)

(source: me)

2). For the fall and winter seasons, pair dark jeans or leggings with an oversized knit sweater or blazer, and sport some fun metallic shoes. Talk about color and shine!

(source: Thrifts and Threads)

(source: Viva Luxury)

3). Headpieces! Let's not forget hats. With sweater weather, also comes plenty of opportunities to wear adorable colorful hats, or beanies. I love taking a simple solid color hat and buying ribbon from a local craft store and using that to dress up my hats. That's what I did with my black hat; you can see I added a red ribbon to the hat I'm sporting on the home page. Genius. I know.


(source: Refinery 29)

4). Color blocking adds depth to your look. Use primary colors to balance, or various shades of the same color. I love to use belts as a way to enhance my color blocking. And believe it or not, throwing in white also does a great job too.

(source: Eleonora Carsi)

(source: Style Du Monde)

(source: Ellena Galant)

5). Last but not the least, handbags. Let your handbag do the talking. Up your streetwear game with these bedazzling accessories for fall / winter. Note: green is definitely in.

(source: Grip Handbags)

(source: Issey Miyake)

(source: Etro)



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