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How I Turn Failures Into Something Better

One of my all time favorite blogs is The Everygirl. I love the trendy platform's relatable and well-rounded content. I was recently inspired by one of its articles titled, "How I Dealt with the Failure of Starting My Own Business." As an entrepreneur, I live for my passions. I could never sacrifice my will to keep trying. I guess I'm stubborn that way. But I need to at least give myself the chance to see where my crazy ideas go, otherwise I'll never know.

Not knowing is scary. One of my biggest fears is living life full of regrets. "What if I did that?" or "What if I tried harder?" Doubt and questions of uncertainty haunt me more than clowns in ridiculous horror films. I'd honestly rather live facing countless mistakes, than live a sheltered existence; it means I'm living and better yet, I'm learning. We are not perfect, but surely we can try to be our best. Here I'm sharing how I approach failure, and turn failures into something better.

1). The first step to accepting failure is understanding that failure is inevitable.

2). When you understand that failure is inevitable, then you are given the choice to look at failure in a negative way or look at failure positively.

3). Your chosen filter will determine how failure runs the course of your life.

4). I used to let failure bring out the worst in me, but today I let failure bring out the best in me. And here's why:

- Failure builds character

- Failure forces you to revaluate things

- Failure shines a spotlight on what isn't working and what isn't meant to be

- Failure hurts, but it's saving you a greater deal of hurt down the road. Failure is like a cop pulling you over for speeding. You could see this incident as a terrible inconvenience, or you could see it as an interference that actually saved you. Had you never been stopped, what could have happened? An accident?

5). Failures fix you; they don't break you. Fixing takes work, it takes real effort. Failures help distinguish what matters, and what needs improvement.

6). Failure is basically your life coach. It's all inclusive. It's comes with your wild experiences. My advice, take full advantage of it.

7). Failure brings a better tomorrow. When it's a little tough now, face it. Then you know it will get a little easier eventually. That's the roller coaster we call life.

~ "Live and learn."



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