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How To Assemble The Perfect Fourth Of July Outfit Using Just 4 Simple Pieces

The holiday is less than a week away. Dressing for fourth of July doesn't have to be a massive ordeal. Just grab any red, white, and blue combinations you can find. The other day I found this amazing kimono from Target perfect for this fun poolside look. And the best part, it was less than $20!

To give my outfit some extra personality, I borrowed my mother's white fedora hat, grabbed a comfortable pair of blue American Apparel high-waisted shorts, and matched my look with a plain black bikini top from Victoria's secret. It was as simple as that!

For a poolside party or even a backyard BBQ, accessories are not necessary but they do a great job of personalizing a look. So, I took the initiative of throwing on some flip flops (what an effort, I know haha), my aviators, and my blue neoprene backpack from Grip Handbags to play up the colors. I hope you like this look as much as I do. I wish you all a fabulous time celebrating our day of independence wherever you are. Cheers!



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