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How To Make Creamy Mushroom Soup Like A Fancy Restaurant

Learning to cook like you're a real chef is seriously doable. There is no need to be intimidated by the kitchen. You can learn to make a few dishes really well and have people convinced you're a die hard professional. At least, I like to learn a few great recipes so I can impress my future husband. And hello future husband, where are you? Gee, it would be nice if you came around soon so we can still enjoy some of our youth together. Not getting any younger here you know...

Anyways, mushroom soup has always been a delicacy to me. One of my favorite restaurants in Beverly Hills, called Spago, served a shot of mushroom soup one time right when we sat down. I think they did that to sort of open up our palette and kickstart our tastebuds. Ok, I really don't know what they point of the soup shot was, but I sure welcomed it. I absolutely loved it. And as I come to think about it, I could enjoy a bowl of that puree mushroom goodness anytime.

So that delicious shot of mushroom soup got me thinking of what to make for this week's post. Well, that's easy. How about creamy roasted mushroom soup? I haven't had it in a while and since it's getting cold out now, it seems like the perfect time to introduce the recipe. I borrowed inspiration from Closet Cooking and I followed the cooking instructions listed on there. Allow me to give you a heads up for this one... This soup has brie in it. I know. So deadly. Also, would someone please try this recipe adding a bit of truffle and tell me how ridiculously good it is??

Bon appetit.



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