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How To Start Creating Your Bullet Journal If You Never Made One

I've been hearing the hype about bullet journals lately. Have you? With all the talk about us millennials getting super organized, I'd thought I'd take a few hours of my day to make some bullet pages of my own. After all, I have an obsession with journals, post-its, stickers, pretty pens, and bright colored highlighters, so this didn't seem like a chore at all. In fact, it was quite therapeutic. I ended up doodling 8 templates that made the most sense to me. They're here for you to use as you please or gain inspiration from. Hopefully my pages will help guide you as you try making your pages.

The thing about bullet journals is that there is no right or wrong approach. It's about creating your own structure; basically, you're mentally organizing your life on paper... in a super pretty, clean, and chic way that makes other people jealous of you because you're so perfect and you have it all together. Ok, no. But, bullet journaling is definitely an art. It's a matter of collecting all your information and making sense of it in a clear and organized way.

I have to admit, in the beginning, it was a tad tricky deciding the best way to organize all my information, and which parts of my life I should prioritize. In other words, my challenge was recognizing what doodling system worked best for me. For this project, I had to close my eyes for a moment and just let my brain paint the way for me.

The result? 8 templates that breakdown the agenda for the year, for the months, all the way down to the days and hours. Because that is how my brain is wired. You might have a different approach, and that is ok! I also made templates for events, budget management, personal goals, and accomplishments. When you try making your bullet pages, I recommend designing them template style so that when you're done you can just make copies for yourself to fill-out as needed.

Here is what you need to get started:

- a journal of your choice

- a fine point black pen/ drawing pen

- a ruler or straight edge

- highlighters (in all the colors you can get!)

- stickers

- post-its

Check out my bullet pages, below. And remember, just have fun with it. My pages aren't perfect but I'm still proud of myself for trying!

1). "My Year At A Glance"

2). "My Week At A Glance"

3). "My Day At A Glance"

4). "Event Log"

5). "Important Appointments"

6). "Goals"

7). "Budget Management"

8). "Accomplishments"



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