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If You Ran Into Your Favorite Celebrity, What Would You Say?

I've had my share of celebrity encounters. For the most part, I think I conducted myself with grace. But that definitely took practice. The more I found myself around A-listers, the more I realized, hey they're just people too. I mean, we're all human. But in these unique situations sometimes we can't help but get a little excited... and well, awkward. So if you ran into a celebrity, what would you say? If you found yourself in the same room as one of your favorite singers or actors, what would you do? Are you prepared to keep your cool?

Don't sweat it. I'm going to share a few experiences I've had, both amazing and utterly embarrassing. Hopefully from these stories, you can better determine what you would do if you encounter a celebrity one day.

Scenario 1: I was wearing a white Joie sleeveless blouse with red and blue polka dots (Yes, I remember what I wore because this moment was that significant). I was attending a fourth of July party and Anthony Kiedis was there (omg). He came up to me (omg) and said something around the lines of, "Hey, I decorate my car every year like that" pointing to my shirt (omg). For a moment, I think I died. Then, when I came back to life, I think I was super confused. I responded, "What?" Actually, what I should've done was say something a little more creative back to him. But to my defense, I was not prepared to run into Anthony Kiedis from Red Hot Chili Peppers. Let alone, have him come up to me because he noticed that my shirt and his car share something in common. I was so flattered. He then proceeded by pulling out his phone (omg). He began scrolling through his pictures, and finally showed me a photograph of his white Chevy with red and blue polka dots painted on it. Ah-ha! Now I got it. I must've said something back like, 'oh wow that's sick!' He chuckled and then walked away. (OMG). We had a moment and I'll never forget it.

Scenario 2: I was staying at one of my favorite hotels in West Hollywood with a friend. It was late, probably around midnight, and we were hanging around in the lobby near the bar. Out of the blue in walked Niall Horan, some of his guy pals, and what appeared to be his security guard. Holy s***! Excuse my French. Knowing he was just feet away from us, my friend and I quickly strategized how we were going to say hello and introduce ourselves. Meanwhile, Niall was chilling next to the bar on a small stylish futon. My friend and I walked over to the bar pretending to order drinks, but really we were just doing that to get a better look. We couldn't believe how close we were, and seriously Niall is a thousand times more adorable in person. We then walked back to our spot in the lobby. We didn't want to bother him, but we decided we would wait for him to walk back into the lobby and then attempt to say hi, get a picture, etc. This was when the most embarrassing thing happened. Niall, his guy pals, and security guard start getting up to walk towards the lobby. As they approached our direction, I bravely stood up, subtly waved and said, "Hi, Niall" hoping he would notice me and then say hi back. But sadly that was not the case. Instead, his friend looked at me and awkwardly shrugged as if he was telling me, "Sorry, he didn't see you." Then my friend ran up and said something like, "We really would love to get a picture." The security guard yelled back, "No pictures allowed!" Then the hotel security came up to us and asked if we were guests of the hotel. Luckily we were, otherwise they were ready to kick us out. This was a messy and totally embarrassing encounter! We honestly were trying to be respectful and not look like crazy fan girls. Oh well, we tried...

Scenario 3: I was volunteering for a foundation that handles pet rescue and organizes pet adoptions on Sundays. Every week, while adoptions take place, there's the farmers' market down the street. Having that nearby seems to attract great traffic and interesting people. Among them, many celebrities. On my first day volunteering, I was wrapping up and ready to let my supervisor know I was heading out for the day. As I was walking up to her, she was talking to somebody. Turns out that somebody was Jason Issacs. I had no clue at the moment, so when I went up to her to say goodbye, she thanked me for my help. Then Jason introduced himself to me. I couldn't believe it! Starring into his icy blue eyes, I was immediately star struck. This was my first celebrity run-in while I was in graduate school. We chatted about the pet adoptions, about the weather, and how I was liking Pepperdine. He was the sweetest. He also shared some great industry advice and gave me his best wishes. I really appreciated that and him being so humble.

Scenario 4: I was helping on set with a stylist for a magazine cover shoot. The subject of our fabulous shoot was Monica Potter. I was really excited because I love handling fittings and organizing the pulls. You get to see a lot of beautiful clothes and jewelry. It's very inspiring. Of course, Monica was a pleasure to be around. Very real, and especially hilarious. So all was going well, right? Yes. But... I suddenly wasn't feeling well. So I excused myself to the bathroom. But then I had the urge to go to the bathroom. It was awful! Nothing is as uncomfortable as having to take a s*** when you're not in the privacy of your own bathroom, and when people are all around you. I had the worst stomach ache. I was in there for a few minutes. Now, please note, the dressing room was right outside of the bathroom where Monica was stationed for her changes. When I finished and I walked out, apparently I stunk up the changing room. Monica was standing there. She knew it was me that wreaked havoc. She said, "Ugh, what's that smell?" I WAS MORTIFIED! She seemed a little grossed out but I think she was trying to make light of the situation, not be dramatic. She exhibited a sarcastic tone but with a touch of "I understand you can't help it sometimes". I literally stood there, my heart was racing, and my face must've turned so red. All I could gather myself to say was, "I don't know, shit happens." She laughed so hard. At least she thought I was funny? Safe to say, this was probably one of my most embarrassing moments to date.

Scenario 5: I was interning for a boutique fashion public relations firm that primarily coordinated pulls for celebrity red carpets and special appearances. My boss was out of the office for a few hours. After some time, she texted to notify me that Audrina Patridge was coming in for a last minute fitting and that I was in charge because she was running late from a meeting. I couldn't believe it! I was so nervous. But the whole thing ended up being so chill. Audrina took my advice to heart. She tried on some looks I pulled for her, and she walked out satisfied with her options. Apparently I handled everything really well, because my boss told me how pleased Audrina was with my service. Talk about a major confidence boost. In return, I got a $100 gift card to Bloomingdale's! Best boss ever.

Scenario 6: I was wrapping up a photoshoot and was walking to my car with my photographer, when suddenly I hear this distinct British accent from behind me. I knew it was somebody. When you're around A-listers a lot, you begin recognizing people around you who have 'it'. This British guy had 'it' and it was just a matter of putting a name to that voice. Ah-ha! Orlando Bloom! I was so thrilled. I said to myself, you know what Danielle you should muster up some courage and talk to him. So I did. At first it was a little awkward. Understandably, he was just minding his own business. After all, he was with his son and didn't want to attract too much attention. I suddenly got super nervous because I felt like I was stepping out of bounds. But I was already standing there and didn't want to look like a fool. So, I politely proceeded with "Excuse me, sir. Hi. Would you mind a quick photo?" Don't ask why I said, "Hello, sir." I think I was just trying to show my manners. He was hesitant and first replied, "uh, I'm with my son." I said, "I know, I understand." Then he quickly jumped in and said, "Make it quick." The conversation didn't have much substance, but I walked out with a photo of Orlando and I.



1). Ideally, let them come to you. But obviously, that's very unlikely.

2). If you must go up to them, avoid bringing up their fame. Instead, calmly introduce yourself and throw in a compliment, an observation, or a simple question.

3). Keep it short and sweet.

4). Decide what is more important to you. The photo or the conversation. Sometimes you can get both, but usually it's one or the other.

5). Say thank you!

6). Respect their privacy. Don't instantly share where you've spotted them.



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