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My Fitness Journey

This post is for no fools! It's a new month, and I'm sharing my fitness journey with you. I've been committing to a new workout routine for the last 30 days and thought I'd give you the big reveal: 30 Days In!

While remaining on the same healthy diet as I've been on the last year or so, I adjusted my workout to include five days of variety: Zumba, Thai Kickboxing, Yoga, Cardio & Weights. I'm starting to like the element of surprise, and I think my body does too! Last year, I was comfortable doing my light yoga routine 1-2 times a week, but I realize now it wasn't enough. It actually wasn't doing me any good. I needed to push myself more, to actually earn the benefits of fitness. In truth, I wanted to get toned and stronger, and light yoga 1-2 times a week wasn't cutting it.

I didn't just hop on the new workout train randomly. My biggest motivators are the concepts of self respect and self preservation. I went through a few ugly bumps in my personal life earlier this year ... it admittedly hurt me, but thankfully at the same time it opened my eyes to some major things that needed to be reevaluated. Because of that, I promised myself to persevere. I needed to heal and prioritize myself again.

As I look at my big reveal 30 days in, there aren't exactly what you'd call "major" changes, but I see progress and that gets me super excited! I look forward to comparing these shots with the 60 days in! Stay tuned!



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