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My Fitness Journey 120 Days In: My Proudest Moments So Far

Someone pinch me. It's already 120 days in?? Wow, things are really starting to come together! I mean, I hardly commit to anything for that long, haha. Just kidding. But, hey, 120 days is pretty impressive. My fitness journey goes to show that when there is a will, there is always a way. Perseverance is key for me. A little bit everyday, and before you know it that "little" bit becomes a lifestyle.

In my 26 years, I never felt stronger. I never felt so connected with my body. I feel like a whole new person, actually. Over the last month, I really targeted my arms. I went from starting with 5 lb weights to 10 lbs weights in just a two month period. I find myself wanting to constantly challenge myself, push myself a little bit more than I did yesterday. The burn is sure worth it! Sweating has actually become addicting. My mother who's been on this fitness journey with me even agrees. I can see why some people just love the gym. It's such a rewarding feeling to sweat and rid the body of toxins.

My favorite workouts so far are weight training and cardio thai kickboxing. Although I recently acquired a part-time job as a sales associate (I had to miss some of my favorite classes due to my work schedule), I still made time for working out on my days off. Since last month, my weight generally has remained the same. Right now my weight falls under 112 pounds. I do believe, however, that my body is burning fat and gaining muscle. My diet has remained the same, too. It's a cool thing to notice how my workout routines boost my metabolism. I see that by burning more calories, I can eat more. I definitely have a crazy appetite too. I'm wanting to eat like every two hours, so I make sure to give myself lots of small portions throughout the day and to drink plenty of water.

I love being in control of my health and wellness. I'm putting goodness in my body as well as doing good on the outside too. This month I want to focus on my lower abs, buttocks, hips, and inner thighs. These areas have been my greatest challenge. I still have that lower "belly bloat." Nonetheless, I feel ready, more than ever, to kick butt! Let's see what next month brings! Thank you all for being on this journey with me and for helping me stay accountable. I hope my journey inspires you to always put yourself first. Take care of yourselves. See you in August!



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