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My Fitness Journey 90 Days In: A Work In Progress

It's been 90 days! I've been pushing hard, and man am I sore! I'm noticing my appetite is increasing, and I'm able to eat more and metabolize everything faster. Since last month, I actually lost 1 pound, but that 1 pound seems to go up and down depending on the day. I'm sticking with the same workout varieties as I've been on since becoming a member at my local gym in February. And when I'm home I try to make time for exercise, but it's hard when you have a desk job (the struggles). Thankfully, my dogs give me the perfect excuse to get up and walk around for a few minutes. Overall, I feel so much stronger and energized.

This month, I've been targeting my arms and abs, challenging myself with heavier weights during workouts. Hopefully with consistency, I'll begin to see my body chisel into form. Even though I don't see any abs yet, I certainly feel them forming and that's so motivating for me! I also think, now that I'm sticking with a regular workout routine, I'm experiencing less restlessness throughout the night, therefore better sleep. I'm loving every minute of my fitness journey and I hope this inspires you to always put your health and happiness first. See you next month.



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