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Sink Into The Bliss Of Southern Cuisine With Chicken & Waffles

Chicken and waffles? You might be thinking, "not exactly nutritious," or "this isn't the healthiest dish to make." And that might be true in some cases, but if you make sure to use fresh, all natural, and organic ingredients, this dish isn't so bad because it uses very few and simple ingredients. It's actually quite delicious, and it's very easy to make.

I just got a Belgian waffle maker so lately I've been searching for interesting chicken and waffle recipes on Pinterest (because that was the first thing that popped into my mind and I'm crazy for Southern food). However, I couldn't find anything online that incorporated healthy ingredients. So I decided to add a little twist of my own to this classic and beloved dish.

I bought organic chicken tenders from Trader Joe's and coated them in all purpose flour that was mixed with various spices: paprika, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, black pepper, and nutritional yeast. This gives the chicken tenders an amazing color and of course, a killer taste!

The waffles were simple. I prepared a standard batter and added some flax seeds to it for additional fiber and omega-3 fatty acids. Then voila! My heart was very pleased about the turn out. If these images don't make you drool like a dog, then I don't know what does. Dig in, friends!



- 1 pack of raw chicken tenderloins

- EVOO (as much as need for frying)

- 1 1/2 cup all purpose flour

- 1 egg (for dipping chicken, before coating)

- 1 tsp paprika

- 1 tsp garlic powder

- 1 tsp cayenne pepper

- 1 tsp nutritional yeast

- a splash of black pepper


- 1 3/4 cups milk

- 1 1/3 cup all purpose flour

- 1/2 cup melted butter

- 4 tsp baking powder

- 2 tsp sugar

- 2 eggs

* Toppings: Syrup


1). Warm a large pan. Crack egg and whisk. Mix all purpose flour with all the spices on a flat dish. Take out your chicken, and dip the tenders in the egg mix and then coat with flour mix.

2). Add the tenders to the pan with olive oil and fry until cooked through. Set aside.

3). Turn on and pre-heat waffle maker. Prepare waffle mix. Add all dry ingredients first, then add liquid ingredients. Whisk well until all ingredients are blended.

4). Coat waffle maker with some butter, or cooking spray and then pour a small amount of waffle mix into the waffle iron. Continue until batter is finished.

5). Prepare a plate with waffles and your chicken and pour warm syrup on top.* or your choice of topping(s).

Bon appetite!



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