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Spring Into Florals

"Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking." Anyone who can recall the movie that quote is from is a fashionable genius in my book. I'm sharing a new look of mine from my blog on Grip Handbags. I did not include the same shots on here, so be sure to head over to Grip Handbags to see the rest of my fun, colorful, and carefree look.


Well, after all, it is the first day of spring, so why not deck out in flowers? As predictable as floral prints may be, it symbolizes rebirth. I think they are tasteful, and add a feminine touch, too. No matter the time, if you're in doubt about spring trends, just throw on a nice floral print and you'll be good to go. Although for this year, if you add a combination of blue, red, and/or white in your wardrobe, you'll look really chic! Those color combos are taking over!

Aside from styling this ensemble with one of my latest handbags for Spring Summer 2017 (made with a customized hand-painted floral print that I designed exclusively for the collection), I had a fun time experimenting with a new hair style - the top knot bun! I'm not the only one who loves it, right? I'm pretty sure that, along with flower prints for spring, this hair trend is here to stay for the warmer season ahead. It is actually quite nice to add some height. I hope this look inspires you to be bold with your look. The warmer days can't come soon enough!



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