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Straight From The AMCONYC Runway: Luxurious Lingerie From Bradelis New York

When you think of luxury lingerie, you might think expensive or slightly uncomfortable. That's not the case for Bradelis New York. Straight from the AMCONYC Runway earlier this month during New York Fashion Week, I had the honor of discovering what beautiful - and comfortable - lingerie looks like. Even better, the line provides pieces made to fit your specific silhouette based on your needs for sculpting, contouring, and defining. You can complete these steps on the Bradelis New York website to find our what your personalized fit is. So many of us think we know what size or shape fits us, but a lot of times we need bras and underwear specifically constructed for our own body types. I walked out of the show thinking I need to get my hands on Bradelis and I am dying to learn more about the brand.

So with a little homework, I discovered this. This line is made for women to feel good about their bodies. Every piece is tailored with careful Japanese design and sewing techniques to help women reshape their silhouette. It's literally transformation in a bra and underwear.

As I was sitting in the front row during the show, it was as "Victoria's Secret" as you can get - if not, better. I saw not only beautiful lingerie that makes women look sexy and fabulous, but I also saw diversity and I saw ultimate confidence. I was pleased to see real healthy women. These women walking the Bradelis show are fit girls, who clearly put their well-being first and who take pride in their own unique beauty. That's exactly what I believe in myself and by seeing that on the runway I felt that much more connected with the brand Bradelis New York.

Once I fully recover from my pesky sinus infection, I look forward to restarting my workout routine. I have a feeling I will be keeping the Bradelis philosophy in mind. My motivation? Saving up for my custom-fit lingerie and wearing it to obtain my ideal silhouette. Here are some of my favorite pieces from the "Fearless" show brought to you by Bradelis New York and AMCONYC.

(photos taken by Edwin Alvarado Photography).



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