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The 3 in 1 Camera Bag Supports The Future Of Gender Neutral Design

The fashion industry is constantly changing because of changing demands. I believe the future of fashion is in the stories and the intention behind how we construct our products from start to finish. The meaning behind what we buy is so meaningful now because we are so bombarded with product advertising that nothing seems special anymore. What we buy needs to feel both personal and practical. We need to identify with what we buy because what we wear is a reflection of who we are. What we put on sends a message out to the world about how we see ourselves and how we wish to be understood.

Due to the changing climate, I believe fashion is headed towards sustainability and gender neutral design. The lines between what is for "her" and what is for "him" are blurred to the point where gender is now almost irrelevant. Now, he or she can wear it. And that is why I created a gender neutral design: the 3 in 1 camera bag nominated for FujiFilm's 'Best Camera Bag.' I'm excited to share how my brother wears his all black 3 in 1 camera bag.



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