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The Best (Last Minute) Mother's Day Surprises On a Budget

When I hear anything that mentions "budget" I'm like "what budget?" Mainly because the truth is I have no budget. Because I'm broke. And well, that means no budget. AKA, not too much room for splurging. Adulting can be hard. I'm working on it.

In other news, Mother's Day is this weekend! It's a day to celebrate all the fabulous women in our lives. They deserve every minute of praise, fun, relaxation, and pampering. Really, I try to give a little everyday regardless if it's Mother's Day or not. But that's just me.

So speaking of budget and Mother's Day... when you're tight on funds (just like me and every other twenty-six year old), the best Mother's Day gifts are the surprises. It's the little things that matter. In a time where everything is mass produced, new technology is on the rise, and instant gratification is in high demand, sometimes the old school touch is just what a Mom needs. Slow it all down. Let's not forget that. I've rounded up some great options for you that hardly cost a dime... but, maybe a little of your time. Hey, that rhymes!

.... Ok, I'm just going to leave it at that.

Here are my suggestions for last minute Mother's Day surprises on a budget. Because really, Mom just wants to chill. She doesn't need you to stress and make a big deal of the day. Keep it simple and sentimental, and she will remember it for years to come. You're welcome.

1. Poems. Write from the heart. All it takes is a pen and paper (yeah, don't think about typing it).

2. Home-videos. Grab that camera (even use your mobile phone), and start filming! Put together a fun video for Mom to laugh at. A way to every Mother's heart is her family.

3. Art. If you love to draw or paint, illustrate something that is meaningful to you. The fact of the matter is what is meaningful to you will be meaningful for Mom.

4. Baked goods. Now that we have a thing called the Internet, even better - Pinterest, you can basically do anything you set your mind to do if you really try. It's the effort that counts.

5. Photographs. Create a collage of your favorite moments with Mom from the past year. If you want to get really crazy, you can do photos of the special moments in all the years of your life. Nostalgia evokes so many feelings.

6. Breakfast in bed. I know, how original. But it works! It's a surprise every time because if you do it all correctly and Mom stays asleep, she doesn't know. Therefore, she isn't expecting it.

7. Clean. Give Mom a break. Do the cleaning for her. This will make you appreciate the days she has done it all for you.

8. Movie night. Collect some of Mom's favorite movies, get some popcorn made, grab her snacks and set up the living room with plenty of pillows and blankets. Such a perfect way to unwind and bond.

9. Mani/Pedi Treatment. Treat Mom to an at home mani & pedi. Grab your nail kit and get to work. Mom is queen for the day. You might as well throw in a facial while you're at it. Here are some ideas for at-home mask treatments to get your ideas flowing.

10. Music playlist. Create a Spotify playlist or download some old tunes from your iPhone and make a curated list of songs your Mom will be dancing to all day.


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