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The Best Places To Go In Atlanta For Top Notch Southern Cuisine

I'm a meat and potatoes kind of girl. Southern food is one of my favorites, next to Italian. When I visit Atlanta, I usually stay at the Ritz with my grandmother who has a place there. We love to go to all our favorite restaurants together. Oftentimes, because we love the food there so much, some of her friends take us out and introduce us to new places. We're always thrilled about that! As a result, I keep a list in my phone of all the names of these restaurants. And recently, upon discovering my list, I conceived the idea to write about it. Should you ever find yourself in Atlanta, I highly recommend going to one (if not all) these places. If you enjoy Southern food like I do, you won't be sorry. These five places I mention here are more than just your average steak house or diner. These restaurants bring classic Southern food up a notch. I'm talking a whole new kind of Southern cuisine experience. See for yourself!

Get anything from here, and you'll have a fabulous dinner. It's such a wonderful steakhouse.

(photo cred: Bone's Restaurant)

Buckhead Diner is your charming old time diner that you can't find anywhere else. Order their blue cheese chips. Great for sharing. And their chips are homemade, too!

(photo cred: Buckhead Diner)

This is my favorite place. The fried tomatoes are out of this world (second photo). And the fried chicken... unlike anything I've ever had. I think I might have a thing for fried foods...

(photo cred: South City Kitchen)

The atmosphere is stunning. Plus, I highly recommend their grits. Just saying.

(photo cred: USA Today)

French Pizza "Smoked Salmon with crème fraîche, chives." Although this is not technically Southern food, I had to add this in because it's always fun to change it up! And it's pretty darn good.

(photo cred: Bistro Niko)



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