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The Fur Boss Talks Fashion, Motherhood, and Slaying Her Workouts

“Be you and be relentlessly you. That’s the stuff of champions.”- Lady Gaga

When women support each other, amazing things happen. Today I'm sharing my interview with the one and only Maria Reich, Creative Director for Oscar de la Renta Furs and more. She is known on social media and in the fashion industry as,"The Fur Boss."

Social media can be a powerful tool for scoring meaningful industry connections. Don't ask how it happened for us, but one day Maria and I followed each other and our "likes" for each others' photos came pouring in ever since. As a designer and entrepreneur, it means so much to have Maria's attention and support, especially being that she is so established in her career and I am just getting started. So for that reason, I graciously asked her if she would like to do an exclusive for the blog and without hesitation she replied with a yes. She is 200% a creative genius in my book, and a rock star at what she does for a living. A beautiful mother, a symbol of high fashion, and an example of hard-core fitness. Take it from "The Fur Boss" herself to tell you how it's all done. Read on fashionistas!

It's Danielle Marie (IDM): Tell us what a day in the life of "The Fur Boss" looks like.

Maria Reich (MR): Mornings start early… It’s my favorite time of the day. I choose to wake up at 5:30am before the rest of the house awakens. I quietly drink my coffee as I go through my emails. I also set my workout intention. Every day has a different intention. I commute an hour plus every morning to my office, so this is the only time I have to myself before the hustle and bustle.

Before my work out, I read through my gratitude and inspirational books. My favorite right now is Brave Enough by Cheryl Strayed. I’m motivated by these quotes… it’s my meditation. I have these types of books all over my home. You would find my beloved quotes on my mirrors, or even on my walls if they could sing aloud to me.

I work out 7 days and rest on the 8th…. I created a home gym so I can be around my children without having to leave the house to exercise. I typically get in a solid hour before my kids join! This is when we check in with each other and talk about the day ahead of us, and I get them ready for school. Before school, I write my boys inspirational letters/love notes and hide them in their lunch bags or backpacks. When the kids leave for school, I’m in “warrior” mode.

My commute is long and stressful, but when I arrive to my office, I’m in a positive and motivated mood. I pump the team up to kill it! My day varies from appointments with major clients, creating an inspiration board or working on swatching. When I get home, I’m usually running off to baseball, basketball, some sort of kid activity, or out to dinner with my tribe (that I love…hard).

IDM: What inspires you the most about the fashion industry?

MR: Street style.

IDM: As Creative Director, you clearly have the eye for trends and know time management. How do you balance your creative focus on all the brands you work for ... Reich furs, Oscar de la Renta Furs, and Jocelyn?

MR: When you love what you do, you find the time to focus and fully “show up.” I fall in and out of love with things quickly, if it doesn’t feel right, I move on. I keep myself razor focused from the second I step into the office.

IDM: What is your secret to staying motivated and keeping on top of your (killer) fitness regime?

MR: I leave basic in bed! I find focus, I set my intention for the day, and I stay vicious. Queen biz only. I stay hydrated with Core Water. I eat light all day and stick to raw veggies. My fitness plan is pretty simple. I run hard, cycle harder, and lift weights daily.

IDM: What is it like juggling the demands of your career with the demands of the home? I know you have two sweet little boys and a husband. How much of your work follows with your home or do you keep work separate from home?

MR: I have so much gratitude for the life I juggle! It is all deliciously mixed together and I would have it no other way. Nighttime is mostly family committed. We share our days together. My two youngest boys know a lot about our family business; they get to come to work with us sometimes. My stepson and niece work at Reich Furs as well. It is the perfect combination of work and family.

IDM: You love to share your life on Instagram (and I love it!). What are some things people don't necessarily know about you or wouldn't notice about you right off the bat?

MR: I am a deeply spiritual and voracious reader about anything regarding health or mental health. I’m constantly challenging my kids to work harder and believe in themselves. I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 8 years old. I have a fear of flying, but do it anyway. I change my house vibe almost weekly. I hate taking pictures of myself (ha) and I literally have hot sauce in my Birkin.

IDM: Name three things you can't leave the house without.

MR: Courage, bling and snacks.

IDM: If you didn't work in fashion (which is your passion), what do you think your profession would be?

MR: A bad ass interior designer.

IDM: What have been some of the hardest things to overcome in your career, and how did you move past that?

MR: I was a young female fashion executive… Resilience is my super power.

IDM: If you could go back in time and tell your younger self something, what would it be?

MR: Trust in your dopeness.



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