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Treat Yourself Tuesday: Sugar or Salt Body Scrubs?

Both sound amazing for a day of self care, right? But I've always wondered if one was better (healthier) for you than the other. It's a double win for me if pampering can both feel good as well as do good. My best friend who is a dermatologist shared her expertise, and her view on sugar vs. salt scrubs really caught my interest. Basically, with sugar you are more prone to infections. Plus, the sweet smell can attract bugs which isn't too ideal, especially around summer time when a lot of us have to worry about ant invasions. So, it sounds like she is on team salt.

But, sugar and salt scrubs are great in different ways. From my own research on sugar vs. salt body scrubs, there really isn't one that is better than the other. You actually can use one or the other for various personal health reasons. A lot of individuals resort to sugar scrubs if they have sensitive skin. The fine circular granules makes sugar scrubs less abrasive and dissolve faster making it a milder solution for daily use. Fine table sugar can also be used for the face. However, unrefined sugar is more abrasive, so it would ideally only be used for the body to break down dead skin cells, and overall, rejuvenate the surface of the skin.

If you're a mega scrub fan (like me) and are looking for a stronger treatment, salt is the answer. Sea salt is sharp in comparison to sugar, making it a very strong exfoliant. Table salt is apparently useless as it dissolves so quickly one can hardly work with it. To me personally, I prefer salt as I feel salt kills the germs. I love lathering a great salt scrub all over my body, especially on my elbows, knees, legs, and feet (areas that are notoriously dryer than the rest of my body). You also can't go wrong with a nice sea salt back rub, but you may need a partner or a spa technician to help you with that.

Whether you're team sugar or team salt, both are great for different reasons. If you love scrubs and can't go a day without cleansing the body, it may be better to use a sugar scrub. If you're looking for a detoxifying exfoliant that is anti-inflammatory, a salt scrub would be your pick. However, stick with a salt scrub once or twice a week. Overall, both are amazing for relaxation, cleansing, and circulation. Check out my picks below for some of my all time favorite body scrubs.




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