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What I'm Currently Wearing: Vintage & Vegan

Lately I've been putting more thought into what I'm wearing. Not necessarily just for how my outfits look overall, but I'm also putting more thought into knowing where my clothes come from and what materials are used to make them. When you're not used to it, thinking about it can feel like a burden sometimes. But long story short, if I know I'm wearing something vegan or vintage I'm one happy girl. Because I know by wearing vegan or vintage clothes (even if it's not the entire outfit), I am at least making a conscious effort to do good. At the end of the day, I'm heading towards the sustainable route. I'm reusing, repurposing, and I'm trying to do better for the environment.

My handbag line to date is animal cruelty-free, and for that reason I am so proud. My goal as a designer and entrepreneur is to continue building upon sustainability. Doing good really does make you feel good (and look great).

My mom has this poncho in her closet gifted by my grandmother a few years ago. When she wore it the other day, I was completely head over heels. I actually borrowed (ok, more like stole) the poncho for this look. All is forgiven. We both take turns wearing this piece. Its a wonderful item from a Canadian designer. We literally love to just throw it on over our outfit for the day when the weather is borderline between "let me just throw on a sweater" to "maybe I should layer up with a cute coat and hat/gloves." It is especially great to have when you're running from meeting to meeting, and you don't need/want to smother yourself with a puffer jacket. Take a look for yourself.

I'm wearing the same leggings and boots as my previous look. To change it up, I layered this outfit with a green turtleneck from Talbots and paired it with my beige 'Hanna' shopper bag from Grip Handbags. I felt so relaxed in this look. It's so comfortable. Safe to say I'll be resorting to this kind of easy breezy style more, especially as we near the heart of the holiday season and the start to the new year.



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