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What To Snag At Talbots' 60% Off End Of The Season Sale

Talbot's is currently having an end of the season clearance sale. And it's no joke. Maybe Talbots is a store you, millennials, may not be familiar with or typically shop at, but I'm telling you the dynamic of the brand is fantastic. Styles are becoming more appealing to the younger crowd and are also exhibiting more desirable qualities for the trend-aware, such as bell sleeves and frayed-hem denim. I'm seeing that everywhere on Instagram. And there are more options available to you in various sizes from 0 petite to women's plus size. I just love that. Not to mention the color varieties they offer are so amazing. Month after month the store receives new arrivals, and I find myself impressed every time, both as a customer and as a blogger. I actually work at the store, too, so that's why I know! The clothes are super duper lovely in every way, and oh so comfortable. And most importantly, they're made to last a lifetime.

To get your hands on quality like this, you don't have to break the bank. These are some chic and timeless pieces you can get now while the sale is still hot.



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