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Why Juicing Is The Easiest Thing You Can Do For Your Health

Juicing extracts the dense parts of your fruits and vegetables, and delivers a hydrating and nutritious drink. As I learned from Juicing For Health, when you juice you give your body instant access to the nutrition on a cellular level from the fruits and vegetables you're consuming. This is different from actually eating or blending your fruits and vegetables, which include the whole parts and require a longer time for the body to digest due to the pulp and fibers. I'm not saying smoothies are bad. I'm just saying juicing is a quicker way to give your body the nutrition it needs without tiring your body and feeling full so soon. This is why juicing is known for healing. Because it gives your body a break and makes the cells extra happy. So with that said, I'm sharing a recipe for my favorite ABC Cleanse I discovered in Malibu.


- A Juicer

- 3 Beets

- 2 Apples

- 5 Large carrots


1). Cut up fruit and veggies

2). Start your machine.

3). Insert produce.

4). Pour liquid in a glass.*


* Optional: I pour my juice in a mixer, give it a good shake, and then pour into a tinted Mason Jar with a straw. Call me fancy :)



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