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Makeup That Truly Works on Diverse Complexions

We all heard of KKW Makeup and Fenty Beauty that recently launched. From what I hear both are amazing brands that offer products for all skin types and colors. But there's also another makeup line called Sacha Cosmetics. And they have been in operations since 1979! Sacha is also specially made for women to use regardless of their ancestry. I actually had the chance to try Sacha for myself at the AMCONYC shows during New York Fashion Week. Here is my review.


"Their makeup artist applied high performance and intense color on my light to fair skin. I've always struggled with finding a shade that would cover my imperfections and also not make me look on the orange side or too dull and grey. Worst of all "cake-y" as I call it. It drives me nuts. Most of the time, I apply my BB cream as a base over a light moisturizer. Then I like to apply a light powder around my face to "seal" everything in place and then I brush a warm bronzer all over, along with a peachy blush. To be honest, this method doesn't do enough coverage for me but I accept it. Then I like to apply some shadow on my lids and eyebrows for increased definition, some mascara and liner and lastly a nice lip gloss. If I'm feeling a little wild, I'll top my usual look with a nice red or plum colored matte lipstick.

At the AMCONYC show, I had the pleasure of getting my makeup retouched beforehand. The makeup artist applied the usual but this particular makeup performed much better than mine. It covered everything and it felt so clean and lightweight. I didn't feel like anything was weighing me down. I asked for a bold lip and a fun cat eye. The result was mesmerizing and I was definitely impressed by Sacha. I think at the end of the day, regardless of your skin tone, makeup has to blend and cover correctly in order to work, and Sacha does just that. There is a shade for everyone. The artist who did my makeup is Kamla Regrello. You can find her on Instagram here."

You can order Sacha Cosmetics on their website or on!


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