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3 Weird Looking But Must-Have Beauty Instruments For 2018

I take my beauty instruments seriously. When I discovered these three beauty must-haves, I thought I uncovered the industry's secrets. For a while I was a little embarrassed to tell anyone, particularly because I don't think a lot of people have heard of these. Then I realized, it's probably better of me to start a conversation because these are three products that really work. They may look weird but they make a world of a difference in my daily routine, so maybe they will do the same for you. Together these instruments take care of facial hair, inflammation, and dental hygiene. Here I'm sharing how each product works and where you can get them!

1). Finishing Touch Flawless Women's Painless Hair Remover: Not exactly weird looking per say; it's more of a discreet item. But I say weird because it's actually fascinating. And it's amazing because the instrument is portable and painless. Good-bye lip hair, chin hair, and side burns!

2). Jade Roller: This is seriously the best invention ever. It's genius. Although it looks strange, it is magical. Hello, jade. This device massages the face and neck and has a short side on one end and a larger side on the other end. I use this to help circulate fluids around my face, especially around the sinuses. It helps drain excess fluids and it leaves an amazing cooling sensation as you roll the jade across your face and neck. Great for your morning and evening routine! Note: roll in upward motions. Roll up then lift as you go back down. Everything goes up. Defy gravity.

3). Gum stimulator: I get these samples for free from my dentist. These are amazing. I double it as a floss and stimulator. It's so important to brush, floss, and rinse with a mouth wash. But I also believe you need the gum stimulator. It picks up everything you missed in the back of your teeth. I still have my wisdom teeth in, so often times I get food stuck in the back and brushing doesn't solve the problem. The gum stimulator, however, does it for me. My mouth seriously doesn't feel the same without it. I always take one with me when I'm traveling or going out. No one needs to see that pepper corn stuck in between my teeth.

The best part about these three products? You can get them all on Amazon! Hello Prime membership. Hello free shipping! Ok, I have a serious obsession with Amazon. Don't we all?



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