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5 Life Hacks To Help You Become A Better Morning Person

Ever wondered what you could do to become a better morning person? When I was in the shower the other day (yes, showers are my magical place where my mind fulfills the need to uncover new ideas), and I had this funny realization moment. My realization being, in a world divided by so much hate one of the things that bring us all together regardless of race, gender, class, disability etc. is time.

Time is something we all have in our possession. When it comes to time, it doesn't matter if we're rich or poor. We all live our day to day lives operating by the clock in hopes for an improved tomorrow. But yet, some people seem to have it better than others. Pure luck? Not entirely. Some people have figured out a routine that works really well for them. Some people totally suck at managing their time. Some people (not surprisingly) don't believe in the concept of time. The list of scenarios goes on, but at the end of the day we're all people living with equal access to time (not to be confused with our individual time on Earth).

Which brings me to my next realization: life hacks to help you become a better morning person. Because we all get up in the morning, and mornings set the tone for the quality of our day. As entrepreneurs, we live for those inspiring and productive days. But sometimes, a bad morning can really put damper on our performance and overall progress towards our goals. I'm one of those firm believers in "where energy goes, energy flows." If you're already having a bad morning, running late for work, or stressed out about that pitch, things are going to follow through negatively because of how you feel and how you're channeling your energy / time poorly. In actuality, you really do have more control over time than you think; you just need to outsmart it a little.

So, to help you out, I brainstormed some life hacks to help you get a better head start. These totally work for me!

1). Put a clock in your shower so you can monitor the minutes you spend washing your hair, shaving, etc. Yup, if you're like me, showers suddenly become spa appointments and I get totally lost in my mind as I scrub/ lather away. Before you know it, what was initially supposed to be a quick rinse off, became a 15 - 20 minute spa treatment. And I'm late, shoot!

2). Fill your coffee maker the night before, so when you wake up you can just press the button and let the aroma of caffeine fill you up with happiness. This hack I've actually done for as long as I can remember. I cannot stand filling up my coffee maker first thing in the morning when I'm half asleep and can hardly keep track of how many scoops of coffee grinds I just put in the filter. Yeah, why bother?

3). Make your to-do list for the next day. Even better, jot down the time frames you will work on X, then move on to work on Y, and then take a break and do Z. You've probably heard of this before but it's so important. I'm talking notepad and pen kind of important. It's a basic life hack. Forget your cell phone or Google Calendar. There's something about writing things down the old fashioned way that brings peace to your mind and helps your remember better, thus use your time better.

4). Wake up before the birds do. Just try. I know, it's so hard to get out of bed. Believe me, I'm guilty of hitting the snooze button all the time. But just think how much you can get done, especially around the house, with just one or two extra hours. I've heard so many success stories happen to those who have changed their routine by getting up earlier. If Mark Wahlberg can get up at 4:30AM every day, hit the gym, act, and run a hamburger chain (among other demands) then I think we're capable of great things too. Are you ready to wake up?

5). Make your bed before you look at your phone. If you're going to try anything, try this. Making your bed first thing after you get up out of bed in the morning is what all successful people do. It's an act that you can do daily that represents cleanliness and self-respect. You can't beat that feeling coming home after a long day and retiring to your bedroom with your bed nicely made. I don't know about you, but I think that's a pretty good start and end to your day.

Have some amazing life hacks of your own? Connect with me to share!



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