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5 Steps That Will Help You Slay The Low-Maintenance Look

We all like to believe we're low-maintenance. But, perfecting a low-maintenance look is secretly part of a high-maintenance routine. All those street style posts we like on the daily may look so effortless, but really they're all well thought out strategies perfected by professional glam squads. Luckily, I came up with five steps that can help you perfect your low-maintenance look everyone loves.

1). Love that slightly disheveled look with tousled waves as if you secretly have a beach house? I certainly do. The trick is to fix your hair super perfectly the day before, with hairspray and all. When you sleep on it, this look will soften. The next day, your hair will be incredibly low-maintenance, everyone will be wondering how you have it so easy.

2). Wear something you're honestly comfortable in. When you wear an outfit that you feel 100% safe in, your confidence goes up. Others will definitely notice your contentment, and as a result, people will interpret your outfit as positive and low-maintenance because of your insanely chill vibes.

3). Plan your outfits. When you plan ahead, you're able to choose your outfits with more ease. Additionally, by planning your outfits you're giving yourself more time to think about the details. You will thank yourself later, too. Every morning will feel that much more relaxed. That little bit of relaxation will in turn reflect a better mood on your part. Life is good, right?

4). The point of low-maintenance is simplicity. Stick with timeless pieces, such as jeans and tank tops, and neutral colors such as black and white. Hey, if you decide on a Rag & Bone white tank top versus one exactly like it from Kohl's, I'm not stopping you. i.e. if the former is true, you're definitely secretly high-maintenance (like me).

5). Hygiene. The little things like grooming, cutting/ filing down your nails, taming fly away hairs, shaving etc all play a part in your low-maintenance look believe it or not. No one thinks it's cool to neglect cleanliness. When you neglect it, it's obvious. Keeping up with your physical hygiene will keep you looking flawless au natural.


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