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Fashion Week Nails That You Can Easily Do At Home... With A Mascara Brush

Preparing for fashion week is more work than you think. If you're a fashionista like me, fashion week is like packing up for a vacation and you have no idea what to expect. Your colors that you decide on could be totally off, or your street style sense could end up becoming the talk of the town. You never know. But that's what makes fashion week so exhilarating. It's about taking a chance, expressing yourself in the best style that reflects who you are, and hopefully getting invited to some awesome shows.

Personally, I'm more organic about the whole process of fashion week to be honest. I do prepare ahead of time by reaching out to my contacts asking if they'd be interested in me covering their event. Most fashion bloggers, stylists, and influencers have a glam squad to help coordinate their travels and looks in between shows. Not to mention, all the fun after parties. For me, it's just me myself and I running the show. But I love it. I learn so much because I embrace the adventure aspect of it. I love New York. I love fashion week. And what I've learned so far is that when you're confident, people respect that.

So with that said, one of the things on my fashion week prep list (besides reaching out to contacts, and pulling outfits - which is a given) is nails. Nail art. Nail art. Nail art. So important. I have a few nail artists who I love to go to for a killer manicure, but when there's a budget and time is not exactly on my side, I make it work by pulling off a killer manicure myself. This is when I sometimes get pretty darn creative. Like for instance, my latest "Rainbow Skittles" nails for fashion week. Don't ask how or why I came up with this, but that's just the artist in me. I didn't expect it to turn out the way it did; and it was just too cute to not share. I had lots of fun experimenting with color and never thought a mascara brush would do the trick! Watch the video tutorial below and try this next time you do your at-home mani. Note: before you attempt, make sure to snag some mascara brush freebies from Sephora (he-he).



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