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Get Your Summer Body Ready With This Latest Beauty Obsession

The latest beauty obsession: coconut oil.

Coconut oil has graced this Earth forever. But, it seems coconut oil is now just getting the credit it deserves. The hype around coconut oil is that it exhibits so many uses. You can cook with it, you can style your hair with it, you can even massage your skin with it. Not to mention, it's healthy for the dogs too! (If you're a dog mom like me, this is amazing news. This article says so). I think it is safe to say, coconut oil is one of the only multi-purpose food-based products out there that serve a number of both health and beauty benefits.

So with that all said, I'm happy to share with you why I am obsessed with coconut oil. *Based on my experience using Jason Smoothing Coconut Oil.

1. It softens your cuticles. I try to give myself a manicure once a week. When I'm removing my old polish and filing down my nails, I like to rub a little coconut oil to refresh the nails with some good nourishment. As I do that, it also softens the cuticles and makes it easier for trimming and cutting down.

2. It tames brittle hairs, frizz, and fly aways. I have lots of broken hairs, especially around my hairline and by my forehead. But thanks to coconut oil, I can tame these fly aways and I can style my hair with more confidence. The best part, it only takes just a touch of coconut oil to do the magic. *Use diligently. Too much can make your hair look greasy on the spot. However, you can also use it as a leave in conditioner, perfect for those days you know you're not going anywhere. Then, wash your hair as you normally would.

3. It immediately soothes severely dry skin. This is obvious, but I can't stress it enough. It may be spring but over where I am it still feels like winter. The air has been so dry lately, and I notice my skin is impacted by it. I've been getting a lot of dry spots, even when I apply lotion on my body. And my lips never seem to stay moisturized, even when I keep applying lip balm. Turns out, from one of my close friends who studies dermatology, lotion is actually more drying than using a cream or an oil. Keep that in mind when you buy your next moisturizer!

4. It gives your skin an impeccable glow. Every time I apply coconut oil after a shower and/or before bed, my skin looks as if it's radiating! It is the best feeling ever because not only do I know that I'm giving my skin something good, but I also look good while doing some good! And it smells amazing too. I've heard people say that it smells like cookies. But to me, coconut oil smells like summer days sunbathing on the beach or sailing away on a yacht in your favorite bathing suit. It's pure tropical bliss.

5. It makes your skin look great in photos. As a photographer myself, there is some serious truth in this. If you have an amazing glow, why not flaunt what you've got? I recently was gifted a gorgeous bathing suit, so that motivated me to jump start my workouts. I've been working out five days a week to get back into my summer body. I can't wait to document an incredible summer with glowing skin and a strong confident body, major thanks to coconut oil!

6. It is perfect for massages. Need a back rub, shoulder rub, foot rub, scalp massage? Coconut oil can help! The Jason Smoothing Coconut Oil I use is packed with Vitamin E and antioxidants, and melts at first touch. If I had all the free passes in the world, I'd honestly be begging for daily massages. It's so healthy to soothe and circulate your muscles, especially after a long day on your feet. Relax the body and the soul shall be rejuvenated.



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