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Here Is Proof That You Can Wear A Knit Poncho For Spring, Too.

For my next look, I knew I wanted to style something colorful, and slightly unexpected with my energetic green tote bag. Weeks ago, I purchased a gorgeous poncho from Hayley Menzies Portobello as a treat to myself. This poncho surely was the perfect fit! The green stripe in the poncho and my green bag ended up literally sharing the same shade of green. I was so excited. On top of that, I love supporting great designers from all over the world. Thanks to Instagram, I've been finding the best unique accessories to add to my closet.

When I Googled "ponchos" for style inspiration, I found that almost all the images in my search were of ponchos for fall and winter. This discovery had me wondering... Are ponchos only for when it's cold out? I never really thought about it. But maybe ponchos just so happen to be the preferred choice for when the weather is chilly. If that is the case, I think we're missing out here. I really think ponchos are perfectly acceptable to wear during the warmer months, as well. What do you think? It's alright just as long as you follow a few key tips, which I summarize as follows: 1). It's all about your choice of color(s), 2). keep in mind the weight of material, and 3). how you layer everything else underneath.

I kept things super duper simple underneath this poncho. Because after all, it is warmer now and I didn't want anything to take away from the statement I was trying to make while wearing this fabulous knit poncho. I love when I manage to enhance a color or two from of my outfit with my accessories. They say you don't have to match your shoes and your bag with your clothes, but I feel extra bad*** when I do end up matching! I think it just makes everything come together better.

So anyways, this is my latest look that has me so excited for summer. Most importantly, this outfit is proof that you can wear ponchos in the spring and summertime, too. You're welcome. I hope you love this fun look as much as I do. It's so comfortable!



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