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How I've Gone From Being The Most Picky Eater, To A More Open-Minded Eater


So, believe it or not I used to be super picky with my food. I'm talking like ordering chicken nuggets and french fries in every kind of restaurant because I was too stubborn to try anything new. Growing up, I hated eating my fruits and vegetables. I hated when people would make me eat their food; I wanted my own familiar food. I experienced comfort in having something that was familiar. I hated going out to eat because that would mean having to analyze the menu from start to finish and pray that I find something as plain as it gets (which 8 times out of 10 restaurant food is not simple - it's decked out with tons of sides, toppings, and textures). UGH.

This pickiness was mainly a childhood phase. I slowly grew out of it, especially when I started college and had no other choice but to feed myself what was available in the campus center. That's when I started understanding that I needed to feed myself good food, not just to fuel my body but for health. Thinking longterm like that was a wake up call for me. It was time to say goodbye to chicken nuggets and french fries...

It wasn't until I started graduate school where I really got into cooking on my own. I grew up with my mom and my dad cooking a lot, so I watched them and learned. From that I was able to pick up on a few tips around the kitchen. During my childhood, I remember how my parents would spoil me with the foods they knew I would eat. Although they tried to get me to explore other foods, I hardly welcomed it. Now, it's different and every time I eat home or out with the parents, the same conversation arises - "I remember the day you wouldn't dare eat that..."

Now that I am cooking several days a week on my own, I have a whole new appreciation for food. Cooking on my own meals has helped me accept new foods and come to terms with the fact that it's beneficial (and exciting) to open up to new food groups, toppings, and textures. I love asking my mom for recipes. I also enjoy watching the Food network, and exploring Pinterest for meal prep inspiration.

So the secret to breaking down those stubborn eating habits = the kitchen. Doing it myself changed everything; cooking made new foods all of a sudden seem likeable. I know a lot of my fellow millennials may be clueless in the kitchen. I encourage you to give cooking a try and explore the endless possibilities food has to offer. See what it does for you. Better yet, try one of my weekly recipes and share your experience! Bon appetite!



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