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How To Dress For A Heat Wave But Still Look Chic

I think it's safe to say we've all experienced a heat wave at one point or another. Such crazy weather these days. But summer is soon approaching after all. And with the new season ahead comes more heat waves. (Great...) Nonetheless, I thought about some ways I could beat the heat and still remain chic. The solution? This outfit. And I'll tell you why.

Light and loose.

Light colors and loose clothing. That's the trick! Light colors don't absorb heat as much as dark colors do. Light and neutral colors are the best shades to keep you feeling cool all day long. Plus, lighter colors are more cheery; in fact, they may just help lift your mood should you find the humid weather is weighing you down and making you feel unmotivated.

In addition, loose clothing keeps the body cool by allowing for air to pass through. I wore these great wide leg capri pants from Michael Kors. They fit wonderfully around my waist, while at the same time leaving plenty of room for my body to breathe. I'm also convinced that the fact that these capri pants are a lighter denim also helped too. My linen top from Chaps kept me cool without a doubt. The ruffles added a fun touch and the print screamed, "I love tropical summer." Meanwhile, I felt (and looked) like the coolest chick around the Flatiron District.

My favorite part of this look are the shoes. They have nothing to do with my remedies for dressing for a heat wave, however, I do feel this look wouldn't be the same without them. These heels are practically like socks, which translates to awesome. If you don't mind walking around the city in heels, then these are for you. Go visit ShoeLand for all the shoes your fashion closet is dying to have this summer.



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