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More Wraps And Why It Works: An Honest Product Review

Recently I was given the opportunity to try the famous It Works body contouring wraps and defining gel. So without hesitation, I took advantage of the company's $9.99 deal to try one of their most popular products. To me the best part about blogging is discovering more brands and trying out new products I've never tried before. So this was an exciting experiment.

To be honest, I wasn't really sure what to expect from It Works. But I thought to myself it can't hurt; let's see what the company is all about. The Ultimate Body Applicator pack comes with 4 packs of contouring wraps. I also received samples of their defining gel that is meant to partner with the wraps for even better results. This product claims, with continued use, to tighten, tone, and firm the skin. It basically works to reduce signs of imperfections, such as dimples and fine lines anywhere on the body (excluding the face and neck areas). My understanding of it is that it's similar to an anti-cellulite or anti-stretch mark solution, with a little bit of a tightening effect.

The green roll you see here is the It Works wrap. The wrap is used as a bandage that goes around the Ultimate Body Applicator in order to securely hold the body contouring formula in place. Upon receiving my It Works in the mail, my initial thought was to try this product on my biggest area of insecurity - my outer thighs. Despite the fact that I workout about three to five days a week, I still have cellulite. I still have insecurities that I want to fix. Nevertheless, I thought the wrap would be great to try for my outer thighs. Since one applicator comes in a single piece, it was a bit of a challenge cutting the piece in half. It does say under the It Works instructions that the applicators can be cut into two to accommodate the arms and legs in a single application. I thought the applicators smelled lovely; although they were super slippery to work with and I wasn't sure if I got the right side with the cream to go on my skin. But judging from the tingly sensation I got from applying them to my legs, I think I got it right.

It took some effort to get the sheets to stay on. If I could do this again the first time, I would've placed the sheets more towards the back of my upper thighs. That's where most of my imperfections are. However, I patiently smoothed the sheets on my skin, and finally was able to carefully bandage the areas with the It Works wrap to hold everything into place. Once I got to this point, I was happy. I was comfortable and I kind of liked the tingly feeling I was getting from the applicators. It's hard to describe, but it was similar to an "icy-hot" sensation and it felt like the solution was absorbing into my skin. Aka, actually working not just sitting there.

Note to readers: I apologize for my lack of outfit coordination here. I was enjoying one of those off days working from home. No errands. No where to be. Just home and some work. So this is me in good ol' comfort clothes. A combination of workout wear and pajamas. Typical. On top of that, the It Works wraps don't really help this look either, haha. And, yes, my bathroom is a mess. But anyways, I was pleased once I had the wraps all in place. Since this was my first try, it was recommended that I only keep the applicators on for 45 minutes. And the results...



I mean, to be truthful, I didn't notice much of a difference. My "BEFORE" picture isn't the best quality and the lighting doesn't do too much to show. But this was just my first try. And It Works claims that with continued use, you'll see results. So judging from this initial round, all I can say is that it feels cool wearing the wraps, and I would recommend using this product to give any imperfections on the body a little tingly/ tightening boost. Great for using right before a red carpet event, a dance, or even a date. It just gives you that icy/fire-y feeling that somehow made me feel slightly more energized.

When I removed the applicators, I discarded the sheets (kept the green wraps to use for next time - can I do that?), and rubbed in the remaining cream that was present until it absorbed. I waited a few minutes and then applied a small amount of the defining gel meant to enhance the performance of the contour solution. The cream was a clear gel and it smelled very plain; like a clean scent. Overall, not a bad product. I have three more applicators for anyone who wants to try! Visit my Instagram page for details on the giveaway! Have a great Friday, everyone!



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